8 Must-Cook Foods for Spring Entertaining

Seasonal favorites to inspire your next family dinner or dinner party menu

With farmers’ markets once again teeming with baby greens, spring fruits, and vegetables of all kinds, many home cooks are inspired to get together with friends and cook up these beloved ephemeral specialties for a dinner or cocktail party. For others, a winter of soups, rich stews, and tender braises has left them craving something much more simple when cooking dinner for the family: fire-grilled meats and vegetables.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party this weekend, or simply pondering what to make your family for dinner after a visit to the farmers' market or roadside stand, we’re sharing eight of our most favorite foods that alone are worth a celebration. From the ever-popular ramps, farm-fresh spring greens, and elusive morel mushrooms, to tender soft-shell crabs and the classic and timeless grilled steak, challenge yourself to eat your way through our list — cocktail in hand — as you entertain family and friends this spring. Then share what some of your own favorites are with us, below.


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