The Olive Garden Breadstick Hack For True Sauce Lovers

Before the main course is brought out, Olive Garden customers can enjoy a basket of complimentary breadsticks. The soft bread is coated in a garlicky, buttery finish (despite not actually using any butter). They can be eaten plain, or customers can order a variety of sauces on the side to complement them. But if you're looking to be a little more inventive with the appetizer, one video could spark some ideas for your next visit.

A TikTok user showed off a hack using breadsticks and Alfredo sauce from the restaurant chain. In a video, they demonstrate how to hollow out the soft breadsticks, carefully spooning Alfredo sauce into them to create a filled version of the food. (Picture a more adult version of the childhood lunchroom classic Bosco Sticks.) Then, once the breadsticks have been filled with the Alfredo sauce (which is made to order), they're simply eaten as usual.

This modification to the breadsticks can be enjoyed in any of the restaurant locations, or you can order sides of breadsticks and sauces to-go.

The step-by-step process details the hack

The TikToker demonstrates in the video how to achieve the upgraded appetizer. First, of course, you'll need to order a side of Alfredo sauce along with your unlimited breadsticks. Then they suggest tearing, cutting, or biting off one end of the breadstick. This will expose the softer, bready inside. Then, take a knife, and create an opening down the center of the breadstick, making sure the sides stay intact so the sauce doesn't spill out.


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Once the breadstick has been hollowed out, take a spoon and scoop up some of the Alfredo sauce. Carefully pour some into the hollowed-out breadstick, allowing it to sink down and soak into the bread. They suggest carefully tapping the bottom of the breadstick on a plate to make the sauce move down more quickly. Once the sauce has sufficiently filled the breadstick, make sure you hold it upright to prevent any spills. Then, just take a bite and enjoy.

You can use different sauces for the hack

Several TikTok users were intrigued by the suggestion and left comments on the video. One user compared the breadstick with sauce to a savory cannoli. Another user thought the hack might be too much work and suggested just simply dipping it instead. The original poster, however, encouraged them to try the hack anyway. One commenter praised the food, seemingly having tried it before, while others simply tagged their friends, perhaps as a suggestion to try it for themselves.

Although the video used Alfredo sauce to upgrade the breadsticks, the restaurant chain will also serve sides of its classic marinara sauce, five cheese marinara sauce, or meat sauce if you're craving something a little heartier. And, if you opt for marinara or meat sauce, you could even make the combo your whole meal, supplemented with the restaurant's soups and salads. (You can even swap out the sauces in your favorite pasta dishes.)

The next time you dine in at Olive Garden, try asking your server for a side of sauce to go with your breadsticks — you may be able to upgrade the appetizer into something even more delicious.