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31 Best Restaurants in New York City Slideshow

Arthur Bovino
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#31 La Grenouille, New York City

This iconic New York restaurant opened its doors on a snowy night in 1962, and has survived while its onetime counterparts like Lutce, La Caravelle, and La Cte Basque have shuttered. So what makes this restaurant so special that it's continued to flourish? Le Grenouille is a captivating snapshot of the dining trends of past eras, where the signature dish, pike quenelles lyonnaise, is the same as it was on the first night of service, and the luxurious dining room, decorated with fresh flowers and scarlet banquettes, feels positivelyrefreshing (even though the dcor hasn't changed at all, either). Yes, the prices are high (starting at $98 for a three-course prix fixe) and the menu is devoid of the kind of culinary drama often experienced at more modern fine dining restaurants, but when the food is as expertly prepared as it is here, there's no need to change a thing.

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