The 35 Places You Need To Visit In 2018

2017 was an interesting, if controversial, year in travel. We've covered the top 20 destinations of the past year, but what about the year to come? If you're as forward-thinking as we are, you'll want to know where you should travel in 2018. And in the coming year, there's a lot going on in a lot of different places.

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After paying attention to what's been going on around the globe and checking our calendars for what's coming up this year, we've pulled together a list of the top destinations for 2018. That includes a couple cities celebrating their tercentennial (that's 300th birthday) and a few countries where they're observing the anniversary of their independence. Some cities are celebrating the opening of new attractions whereas others have simply become more accessible or comfortable in 2018, thanks to the addition of flight routes and new luxury hotels. Some places on this list are simply coming into their own after disasters or decades of decline, whereas others are already popular but will likely be doing particularly well in the coming year.

Spanning literally seven – yes, all seven—continents, these 35 places are the ones you absolutely need to visit in 2018