The 23 Best Restaurants At Epcot, Ranked

While the whole of Walt Disney World is known for its restaurants and unique dining options, no theme park has quite the culinary offerings of Epcot. Look no further than the World Showcase, where visitors can select from a wide variety of global cuisines, from meatballs in Norway to sushi in Japan and five-star cuisine in France. As families plan their Disney vacations, knowing where to eat at the parks is vital. So we made it our business to rank the most popular spots at Epcot.

To determine which of the 50 or so restaurants at Epcot made the cut of 23, first we limited the list to table service restaurants and the quick service locations that get the most traffic and the most buzz. Then we used online feedback and our own Disney travels to analyze the atmosphere (including theming and character interaction, if it's offered), food and drink menu, and value. Value, of course, is a funny thing at Walt Disney World. Plain and simple: Eating at a signature restaurant at Epcot (or anywhere else on park property) is going to cost you a pretty penny. But if you get a truly-out-of-this-world culinary experience for $50, that's worth the price. If you get a plate of scrambled eggs and a waffle for $50, not so much.

Whether you like burgers and fries or are looking to sample something new and exciting, there's something for you at Epcot. But is it any good? Click through to see our definitive ranking of the best (and worst) restaurants at this Walt Disney World theme park.

#23 Electric Umbrella

Future World doesn't have nearly as many dining options as World Showcase, but well, there is Electric Umbrella. You can get standard theme park fare here like an Angus bacon cheeseburger ($11.29) and a green salad ($8.49). Unfortunately, the food here is inconsistently cooked. Burgers are simultaneously greasy and dry, for instance. The atmosphere here is also nothing to write home about; the neon signs are straight out of the '80s. Epcot needs a place like Electric Umbrella to service picky eaters and young children, but the food and décor in this spot are pretty underwhelming.

#22 Liberty Inn

American food is represented by the quick service spot Liberty Inn at the American Adventure. Like Electric Umbrella, here you'll find typical theme park offerings like an all-American burger with Cheddar cheese and bacon ($12.49), chicken nuggets ($9.49), and a Cobb salad ($8.99). There are some attempts at regional American cuisine like a Southern fried chicken burger ($11.49) and barbecue pork sandwiches ($10.49), but they mostly fall flat. The space here is nothing to write home about either, it's spacious and airy but overall forgettable.

#21 Nine Dragons Restaurant

You can get spring rolls and egg fried rice at any Chinese takeout place, so why would you pay Walt Disney World prices for that? Therein lies the question at Nine Dragons. Appetizers like braised pork belly steamed buns and steamed Shanghai-style pork soup dumplings (both $8.98) are highlights, but they're far pricier than anything you would get at your local joint. That thread continues through the entrées like kung pao chicken ($15.98 at lunch, $18 at dinner) and fragrant five-spiced fish ($22.98 at lunch, $24 at dinner). These dishes taste just fine, but it's just average Chinese food at theme park prices. The theming, similarly, is nothing to write home about. Basically, you can eat around the world at Epcot. Be a little more adventurous than this place.

#20 San Angel Inn Restaurante

You'll be hard pressed to find a better dining atmosphere than the San Angel Inn. Bathed in perpetual twilight, this restaurant sits above The Gran Fiesta Tour, so you can see boats float by in the river underneath a truly picturesque replica of Mayan ruins and a volcano. Unfortunately, the food does not stack up to the appearance of the dining room. Even simple Mexican dishes like queso fundido ($14), carne asada ($34), and mole poblano ($25) aren't as flavorful as they should be, and the meats oftentimes come over- or undercooked. You're paying for the atmosphere here. We recommend getting a margarita at the nearby La Cava del Tequila and wandering around the Mexico pavilion to soak in the scenery.

#19 Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

If you're looking for some of the finest character interaction you'll ever have at Epcot, look no further than Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, located in the heart of Norway in the World Showcase. Here, you will meet a rotating array of Disney princesses like Snow White, Aurora, Belle, and Ariel. The food, however, is a mixture of authentic Norwegian cuisine (which can be a bit much for the average American tourist) and bland, unimaginative food. This restaurant's appetizers are served at a buffet, entrées are ordered from a traditional menu, and dessert is brought to the table family style. For breakfast, you'll have everyday scrambled eggs served next to peppered mackerel. Lunch and dinner have baked chicken and braised pork next to Norwegian meatballs. So, the food quality is mixed, to say the least. And despite that middling quality, you're paying a hefty premium — princesses don't come cheap. Per adult, you'll be paying over $50 each for a meal.

#18 Katsura Grill

Located at the very back and of the Japan pavilion on top of a slight hill, Katsura Grill almost qualifies as a hidden restaurant. It's often perceived to be a bit of forced perspective atmosphere. If you find your way here, you'll find stunning views of the rest of the Japan pavilion and ample outdoor seating with illuminating lanterns. The food here is really solid and fairly unique for a quick service theme park spot. You'll find a perfectly salty and savory shrimp tempura udon on the menu ($12) as well as classic Japanese fare like chicken teriyaki ($10). Katsura Grill's sides include steamed rice and a salad, so it's one of the healthiest options at Epcot.

#17 Chefs de France

Named for French culinary masterminds Roger Vergé, Gaston Lenôtre, and Paul Bocuse, Les Chefs de France is the middle-of-the-road dining option in France. The dining room is understated and filled with sunlight, mimicking the true feeling of a Parisian bistro. Options on the menu include some French classics like escargots ($12.99), duck breast with cherries ($32.99), and charcuterie ($13.99). The soups, however, are what you come for; the French onion soup and lobster bisque (both $8.99) are simply to die for. However, the entrées leave a bit to be desired. The boeuf bourguignon ($28.99), for instance, is served with linguine. Overall, if you want a little touch of France but don't want to splurge big-time at Monsieur Paul, Les Chefs de France is a solid option.

#16 Tokyo Dining

Japan is known for its sushi, so if you're a seafood lover, Tokyo Dining is the place to go in Epcot. Appetizers like spicy calamari tempura ($9.25) and Asari clam miso soup ($7) start things off with the sea from the get-go. You come here for the sushi, though. The fresh sashimi sampler ($16) comes with four different kinds of fish, each distinctive yet flavorful; the Dragon Monster Roll ($18) is also a highlight, with generous portions of eel. However, land options like the filet mignon ($34) and teriyaki butter grilled chicken ($26) are often overcooked, so skip them. The atmosphere here is sleek and modern; the window seats in the dining room, with their comfortable chairs and stunning panoramic views of World Showcase, are highly coveted. However, the service here is often rushed, so beware before you dine.

#15 Tutto Italia Ristorante

Inside Tutto Italia at Epcot's Italy pavilion, you will find a no-frills dining room with big, dark wood booths, murals of an Italian city, and chandeliers hanging from the side. This classic approach to décor extends to the menu, which is filled with classic Italian dishes like spaghetti with meatballs ($22 for lunch; $25 for dinner), lasagna ($27 for lunch; $28 for dinner), and risotto with shrimp ($31 for both meals). The red sauce on dishes like the eggplant parmesan ($26) is a highlight. The food here is... OK. It's often said to be inconsistent. However, if you're looking for Italian food at Walt Disney World, this is a better bet than some of the other offerings on Disney property.

#14 Sunshine Seasons

Featuring fresh produce from The Land pavilion itself, Sunshine Seasons is one of Epcot's most popular quick service locations. It's impossible to miss; it's right in the middle of the pavilion with big booths and tables perfect for a quick bite in the middle of the day. The lunch and dinner menu is diverse with an Asian noodle station, a grill station, sandwiches, soups, and salads. For less than $15, you can get ample portions of a wide variety of dishes such as the Mongolian beef ($13.49), slow-roasted pork loin with a house-made rub ($13.99), and spicy fish tacos ($11.79). Sunshine Seasons is also one of the first restaurants at Walt Disney World to roll out fun and new items, like the rose gold Minnie cupcake.

#13 Restaurant Marrakesh

Morocco is a must-visit vacation destination, but if you can't make it to the country itself, you'll be pretty happy at Restaurant Marrakesh. The food here is fairly authentic to this African country. Dishes like Beef Brewat Rolls ($8.99) and Shish Kebab ($21.99 at lunch; $29.99 at dinner) are seasoned nicely but not too heavily, giving some wiggle room for American tourists with less adventurous palates to enjoy the food. If you couldn't tell, this restaurant is far more reasonable for lunch than it is for dinner. The menu is largely the same, but the prices vary greatly. For instance, the couscous with chicken is $19.99 at lunch but $26.99 at dinner. The only difference is some of the sides, so try this spot out for a midday meal to get the best value. Atmosphere-wise, Marrakesh is tucked in the very back of the Morocco pavilion, meaning it's great for a last-minute advance dining reservation or a walk-in. Inside, you'll find large marble columns and a dance floor, where belly dancers (and enthusiastic kids) put on a show.

#12 Spice Road Table

This open-air restaurant has some of the most stunning views in World Showcase. Right along the water, you have an amazing view of Spaceship Earth and the IllumiNations fireworks show if you time your reservation right. Once a tapas-style restaurant meant for snacks, sharing, and dessert, Spice Road's appetizers like the hummus and imported olives platter ($11.99), perfectly-fried calamari ($12.99), and hummus fries ($8.99) are still highlights, fusing Moroccan food with family-friendly flavors. The entrées are a little less stellar. Safe bets include the yellowfin tuna ($28.99) and mix grill skewers ($29.99), but you'll have the best time soaking in these views (and find the best value) if you stick to the small plates and drink plenty of their $12 signature sangria.

#11 Coral Reef Restaurant

While the vast majority of table service dining at Epcot lives in the World Showcase, Coral Reef Restaurant is tucked far, far away next to The Seas With Nemo and Friends in Future World. If you or your kids are big fans of fish (both alive and on your plate), this is the place to be. This restaurant is inside an aquarium, and you're surrounded by bright fish and the occasional friendly deep sea diver. Yes, it may be a bit morbid to dine on seared Mahi Mahi ($29) or charbroiled octopus ($13) as ocean life swims by you, but whatever. Seafood can be tricky to cook, so sometimes your shrimp and grits with Cheddar cheese grits and local corn succotash ($30) or seared salmon filet ($32) may not be cooked to perfection, so be aware. However, the flavors, especially with appetizers like the Crispy Rhode Island Calamari ($13) or lobster bisque ($10), are always on point.

#10 Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

What would a France pavilion be without French pastries? Nothing! And that's where Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie comes in. Forget your everyday theme park burger and chicken fingers and go here for really reasonably priced sandwiches and desserts. Even simple menu items like ham, cheese and béchamel in a croissant ($4.75) or the quiche Florentine ($7) are scrumptious, buttery, and stuffed with the right amount of filling. The atmosphere here is a little chaotic: There are three counters with slightly different offerings, French names that are hard to pronounce for the average American tourist, and seating that's basically in a gift shop. But the messiness is worth it for some of the best quick eats at Walt Disney World.

#9 Yorkshire County Fish Shop

The U.K. is known for its fish and chips, and so is the U.K. pavilion at Epcot. At Yorkshire County Fish Shop, you'll find a simple menu: two strips of battered and fried fish served with chips ($11.49). There's not much else to say about this spot. The fish is cooked to perfection, and is insanely crispy and fresh. The value could be better, but this is Disney pricing after all, and the taste is really worth it. Grab a basket of fried deliciousness here and eat it by the water at World Showcase. You won't regret it.

#8 Teppan Edo

Teppan Edo is the hibachi-style restaurant in the Japan pavilion. Like all hibachi restaurants, this meal includes dinner and a show as a chef cooks in front of you, flipping vegetables, making puns about soy sauce, and joking around with shrimp tails. If you're the kind of person who isn't about communal dining, then this isn't the spot for you. You sit in groups of eight around the hibachi grill. The most popular options here include the steak and shrimp combo ($37), scallops ($35), and chicken breast ($30). Beyond the hibachi menu, Teppan Edo offers a sushi menu with a volcano roll ($18) and a seven-piece sushi sampler ($15) and appetizers like tempura ($12) and miso soup ($4). Basically, if you like Benihana, then you'll also totally enjoy Teppan Edo.

#7 Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room

British food doesn't have the most outstanding reputation, but the Rose & Crown sure does. Located in the U.K. pavilion, this cozy restaurant is split into three parts: A bar, where you can walk up to grab a pint and some small plates, a full-service restaurant, and an outdoor area on the water with ample seating. On the menu at the dining room, you'll find fairly authentic renditions of classic British fare such as a Scotch egg appetizer ($11) and bangers and mash ($21). The food is flavorful, comforting, and seriously hearty. Bring your appetite, because mains like the shepherd's pie ($21) and the Welsh Pub Burger ($21) are gut-filling to say the least. This restaurant is one of Epcot's more underrated spots. It's good food for a decent value in a setting that makes you forget you're in the middle of a theme park. You can't ask for more than that.

#6 Biergarten Restaurant

Prost! It's time to head to Germany and order up a massive stein of German brew or glass of wine to go with your buffet eats at Biergarten. Sausages, sauerkraut, potato salad, pork schnitzel, German meatloaf, roasted chicken, and spaetzle are all on the menu here. It's artery-clogging but oh-so-delicious. The restaurant's atmosphere is pretty authentically German with long, communal wooden tables and a Bavarian "you're indoors but it looks like you're outdoors" theme. This all-you-care-to-eat buffet has something for the whole family. The adults will love the liters of beer, and the children will love the engaging polka show, which takes place next to a dance floor with plenty of room to move. This meal will cost an adult about $60 without the beer, but it's such a blast and there's so much food, the price doesn't feel too hefty.

#5 Garden Grill Restaurant

Listen, character dining at Walt Disney World is always going to be incredibly expensive. At the Garden Grill, breakfast costs $34 for adults and $20 for children; lunch and dinner are $45 per adult and $25 per child. So you're paying a good amount of money to eat at this rotating restaurant above Living With the Land and to meet Chip, Dale, Mickey Mouse, and Pluto. But, the food is totally solid. For breakfast, you get staples like eggs, bacon, hash browns, and Mickey waffles cooked to perfection. The true highlight of breakfast, however, is Chip's Sticky Bun Bake, which is a massive mound of scrumptious sweet bread. Lunch and dinner have classic foods like carved pork with an apple chutney, herb and leek stuffing, and macaroni and cheese. But the produce is straight from Epcot's own garden center, so even a basic salad is crisp and fresh and it's all sustainable. World Showcase may get all the hype for dining at Epcot, but Future World certainly holds its own.

#4 Via Napoli Restorante e Pizzeria

We don't know what it is, but Walt Disney World has a hard time getting pizza right. Not at the Italy pavilion's Via Napoli. This restaurant is expansive, so it's not too difficult to get a last-minute reservation here. Despite being so large, the décor is fairly understated, except for three large pizza ovens, and that's really why you'll go to this restaurant. The wood-fired Neapolitan style pizzas are the best on property. Now, these pizzas are a little pricey. An individual pepperoni pizza will run you $21; an individual quattro formaggi pizza is $22. There are, of course, other offerings here. Small plates to share include crunchy arancini ($13) and calamari ($19). There are entrées such as the shellfish linguine ($32) and veal parmesan ($30), but what you really want is the pizza. Trust us.

#3 Le Cellier Steakhouse

Yes, Canada. You may not suspect that one of the best restaurants at Epcot is in this unassuming pavilion, but there Le Cellier is. Located, fittingly, in a cellar, this steakhouse has some of the finest meats at Walt Disney World, but it's going to cost you. The 8-ounce filet mignon, served with a mushroom risotto and asparagus-tomato relish, runs $54. The duck two ways (confit leg and thigh, seared breast) is $39. But don't just come for the steak. The Canadian Cheddar cheese soup ($11) is legendary. Some diners complain that sides such as the Le Cellier signature poutine ($10) and lobster macaroni & cheese ($18) are overly salty, but others rave about these dishes. The prices here are high, but this has historically been one of the most popular restaurants at Epcot, so it's worth trying for yourself.

#2 La Haceinda de San Angel

Located on the water (with the most perfect view of Epcot's nightly fireworks spectacular IllumiNations), this place has everything you could ever need. Their tequila cocktails are powerful yet delicate, and the avocado margarita ($14) is a must-have. The food, though simple, is executed very well. The queso fundido with poblano and serrano peppers ($13.50) is served with freshly made tortillas and is simply irresistible. Entrées like the costillas en salsa de chile ($27.25) and del mar platter for two ($58) are perfectly spiced. San Angel Inn may get all the attention in the Mexico pavilion, but that restaurant has nothing on the dinner-only La Haceinda de San Angel.

#1 Monsieur Paul

Located above Les Chefs de France, Monsieur Paul has white linens on the tables and small, sunny windows, giving this restaurant an upscale yet modern vibe. A window seat is an absolute must. During the day, you can watch park guests go by to the American Adventure, and at night, you'll have a stunning view of IllumiNations. There's no way around it; Monsieur Paul is insanely expensive. The prix fixe starts at $89 per person, and there's a $29 soup (the Soupe aux Truffes V.G.E.) on the menu. So, yeah. But if you're looking for a major splurge, you're in for a true culinary experience. That black truffle soup won the medal of Commandeur de la Legion d'Honneur in 1975 at the presidential dinner at Élysée Palace, after all. The standout dishes at this standout restaurant include a Black Sea Bass in Potato "Scales" ($42) and a perfectly-grilled beef tenderloin with bone marrow ($44). Desserts are also a must. La Sphère, a milk chocolate sphere with chocolate almond cake, praline and chocolate cream, has a stunning presentation. It may be hard to think of fine dining at a theme park, but well, here's Monsieur Paul. It's not only the best restaurant at Epcot but among some of the best at Walt Disney World. Don't believe us? See how it stacks up to these Magic Kingdom restaurants.

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