These Are The Halloween Costumes Everyone Will Be Wearing This Year Gallery

Google released its list of the most-searched for costumes, and we spoke with some experts from Spirit Halloween to see what outfits are trending for 2017. Some of the pop culture phenomenon-inspired costumes — like Pennywise the Clown, the cast of Stranger Things, and emojis — are very much expected. But some of the most popular outfits like rabbits and dinosaurs seriously must just come from thousands of people having the same idea at the same time.

So whether you want to be on trend or whether you want to avoid these outfits and make sure that your Halloween get-up is original, check out the most popular Halloween costumes of 2017.

‘90s Characters

On Halloween, you can be whatever you want. And who can deny that many millennials want to go back to their childhood? Expect plenty of throwback costumes, including Space Jam characters, the witches from Hocus Pocus, the gang from Saved by the Bell's Bayside High, and plenty of Nickelodeon characters and game show contestants. Legends of the Hidden Temple, anyone?


We all have It to thank for all of the creepy, murderous clowns that we'll see this Halloween. Clowns were the third-most searched for costume this year. In addition to Pennywise the Clown, expect other creepy clowns with wild face paint and weapons terrorizing your Halloween parties.


ROAR! Dinosaur costumes were the 10th most searched-for costume this year, somewhat inexplicably. But hey, who doesn't want to go back to the paleo days and be a T. Rex for a few hours?


Smile! The Emoji Movie may have been a bit of a critical flop, but kids these days are still totally and completely obsessed with these little yellow faces. But you won't just be seeing crying happy face or heart eyes — the puppy emoji, dancing red lady, and of course the poop emoji are all easy and cheap DIY costumes.


Trendy food costumes like avocado toast and the unicorn latte lead the way for a culinary tour de force this Halloween. In addition to these pop culture-inspired costumes, expect to see plenty of tacos, hot dogs, slices of pizza, and bananas.

Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad may have come out in 2015, but the desire women have to dress up as Harley Quinn has not waned. Perhaps it's because this costume is the perfect blend of scary, sexy, and comfortable? Either way, this was the second most searched-for costume of the season.


Perhaps inspired by the death of Hugh Hefner or perhaps just because this costume can be either comfortable, cute, scary, or sexy, rabbits are all the rage this year; they were the fifth-most Googled outfit.

‘Stranger Things’

No matter if you identify with Eleven, Joyce, Officer Hopper, or poor dead Barb, the gang from Stranger Things will be all over the place this Halloween. The runaway Netflix hit came out in October of last year, allowing Spirit Halloween and others to perfect their Eleven costumes before this holiday. Because, yes, there is an Eggo waffle purse.


These rainbow horses really have taken off for 2017, haven't they? They're everywhere, from our Frappuccino to our cereal to our wedding cakes to our hot chocolate and cheesecake. So of course, they're at our Halloween party.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was a box office smash, so it's no wonder that this fabulous fighting lady is the most sought out costume for 2017. Invisible plane not included.

Now that you know what all the cool kids will be wearing this Halloween, check out the most popular Halloween costumes of years past.