Are You a Matte Black or Unicorn Latte?

Which Food Trend Matches Your Soul?
cheery as heck

Not everyone wants a unicorn latte.

There’s a rift growing in our nation, two sides that are taking root starting with the day's first beverage, splitting families and Instagram followers. On one side are the Lisa Frank dreamers, the glitter-speckled cherubs slurping down their unicorn lattes, and on the other are those introducing charcoal into their mornings with troll toasts and matte black lattes.

There’s really no compromise to be made here either. Those snapping Insta-pics of their Starbucks beverages probably won’t be as gleeful around a color-less drink, and those whose inclination leads them to the matte black side are unlikely to reach for a drink could easily come from the imagination of a 6-year-old.

But perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle. No strong allegiances to either camp. Where should you plant your flag: camp unicorn latte or team matte black? Team whimsical or not? Find out with this quick and easy quiz.