Here’s What That Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Really Tastes Like

The Daily Meal staff tried out the colorful, sweet-and-sour new drinks from Starbucks: Here’s our honest review

“It tastes like candy-coated death.”

By now, you’ve surely seen your social media feeds and morning coffee runs littered with giant cups of shockingly pink-and-purple Starbucks concoctions. The Unicorn Frappucino has quickly cemented itself as an iconic (if short-lived) part of Starbucks history. And although they’re decidedly unpopular among disgruntled Starbucks employees, we decided to take the technicolor plunge and have a Daily Meal staff tasting of the Unicorn Frappuccino.

Here are our unfiltered thoughts on the sweet-and-sour colorful drink:

“This tastes unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before… I really don’t need any more.”

“It’s vaguely sweet and kinda dull, but at least it’s Instagrammable.”

“It’s really horribly blended and tastes like liquid Warheads.”

“Like crushed-up Sweet Tarts and cotton candy.”

“I got a headache just from having a few sips of it.”

“It’s like tasting a page out of Lisa Frank’s notebook… It’s my childhood!”

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Among five editors, we were unable to finish the syrupy concoction, which we all agreed was more for show than for actual consumption.