Halloween party

The Lazy Host’s Guide to Throwing a Scary Good Halloween Party

You don’t have to try all that hard to have a great Halloween party

You can spend as much or as little time and money as you want on any party. But, like, why? At the end of the day, unless your party is end-of-the-world good, most guests will probably only have three concerns: 1) Was there food? 2) Was there music? and 3) How much alcohol was available? As long as you nail those bullet points and invite the right kind of people, your party is going to be a success. Thus, we’re starting a new series here at The Daily Meal: The Lazy Host’s Guide to Entertaining. And we’re kicking things off with what I believe to be the easiest holiday to throw a graveyard smash for: Halloween.

For the The Lazy Host’s Guide to Throwing a Scary Good Halloween Party Slideshow, click here.

Throwing a successful yet insanely fun Halloween party is easy for a few reasons. For one thing, Halloween is easy to decorate for (even down to small details), and it can be really cheap. Halloween also has a built-in dessert — candy — and fun, festive music that can only add to the atmosphere.

So don’t worry that there are only a few short weeks left until October 31. Your party is still going to be amazing, and you won’t even have to try all that hard. Don’t believe me? Click here for the lazy host’s guide to throwing a scary good Halloween party.