America’s Best Towns for Trick-or-Treating

These towns really know how to celebrate Halloween!

West Linn, Oregon is home to one of the spookiest trick-or-treating events.

We all love Halloween, and we celebrate just as happily and with as much enthusiasm now as we did when we were kids. But what makes this annual holiday so special are the nostalgic memories that it always brings up — of carefully selecting our costume for the year, dreaming of all the candy we were going to eat, carving our jack-o-lanterns, and traipsing around the neighborhood, proudly showing off our outfits, begging all the neighbors and local businesses for sweet treats.

America’s Best Towns for Trick-or-Treating (Slideshow)

Trick-or-treating has always undoubtedly been the best part of Halloween, but what really made the experience so spooky and special was the way whole towns would come together, with everybody decorating their homes, and celebrating the evening as a community event. The inhabitants of some towns even offered haunted houses, enchanted trail walks, costume parades, and pumpkin carving activities.

This got us wondering about where best places in America to create these Halloween memories would be today. Obviously, cities and major metropolitan areas have the upper hand in terms of sheer volume, but do city dwellers really put in the effort and work as a community to make the holiday the most magical occasion?

To find out where the best towns for trick-or-treating where, we began our search by looking for the most family-friendly towns, and then looked for the safest and most Halloween-obsessed among them. We then examined each town's scheduled community events surrounding Halloween, from fall festivals to haunted houses to allotted trick-or-treating hours. The towns that came out on top were those with longstanding Halloween traditions and events closely related to trick-or-treating, in addition to high safety ratings.


Read on to see if your town made the cut, and if you think it deserves its place in our list, and has undeservedly been missed out, let us know: We’d love to hear about your town’s spookiest traditions and celebrations!