10 Easy Costumes From Your Kitchen

Tonight's Halloween costume could be tomorrow's dinner
10 Easy Costumes From Your Kitchen
10 Easy Costumes From Your Kitchen

It’s happened to all of us: Suddenly it’s Halloween and all the good costumes are sold out. Even if you aren’t the crafty type, there are ways to fashion a cool costume out of what’s in the fridge, the pantry, and your closet. While you might have to make a trip to the supermarket, or call for delivery, to accessorize your homespun costume, it's better than being yet another Captain Jack Sparrow roaming the streets.

These do-it-yourself costumes require varying levels of commitment but a minimum of tools and technical know-how. Even better, eating is a necessary evil in order to create some of these costumes, like the Island Girl and the Pizza Delivery Person. Going to the party with a friend? One person can be the Frat Boy and another the frat house's favorite accessory, the Beer Pong Table. There's even a costume for a pop culture fanatic — Lady Gaga in her meat dress — and one for the partygoer with an ironic sense of humor: "White Trash." There's never been a better time to play with your food. Keep reading for 10 last-minute costume ideas using items you are supposed to eat or cook with.

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