Yom Kippur


20-Minute Dishes to Break the Yom Kippur Fast

If you haven’t already prepared your fast-breaking spread already, don’t despair; these recipes will save you

Yom Kippur begins the evening of September 29, so if you haven’t already prepared and planned your menu, you really have left it far too late. Although not having a huge buffet to look forward to at the end of this long, intense fast may make the next 24 hours slightly harder, we’ve found some quick, speedy solutions to help you satisfy your desperate hunger as soon as the sun goes down. (It may also be wise to rush out and buy as many bagels as you can right this second!)

20-Minute Dishes to Break the Yom Kippur Fast (Slideshow)

After a day of intense fasting, the hunger you feel is unimaginable to someone who has never gone through this experience. The idea of waiting more than two minutes after sundown to start eating something probably makes you want to cry with pain. But if you can hold off just a few minutes longer — and perhaps eat a bagel to help to heal the worst of the hunger pangs — then you will be able to create a wonderfully decadent fast-breaking feast in just 20 minutes, even if you’ve done absolutely nothing to prepare for this meal in advance.

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Obviously, a huge pile of bagels and a generous range of toppings are crucial to every Yom Kippur fast-breaking meal, but we know that just bagels won’t be enough to satisfy you after an entire day without food. Luckily, it is definitely possible to make almost all of your favorite breakfast foods in fewer than 20 minutes: Frittatas, scrambled eggs, berry-filled blintzes, pancakes, and waffles can all be made in a flash as long as you follow our recipes that dictate the quickest way to prepare these tasty, filling, satisfying dishes.