10 Easy Recipes Kids Can Make for Mom on Mother’s Day

Get your kids into the kitchen with these fun, easy recipes to make for mom

These mini frittatas are easy, delicious, and perfect for breakfast in bed.

If there’s one easy way to take pressure off of Mom and show her that you love her this Mother’s Day, it’s by taking her off duty. Whether that means you have the kids clean the house, make an at-home spa for her, or just give her a few hours of peace and quiet, it’s nice to celebrate Mom just by allowing her to relax. Another major duty you can remove from her calendar this Mother’s Day and give to your children? Cooking.

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Yes, it may seem scary to put your kids in the kitchen, where sharp knives, hot stoves, and bowls filled with easily spilled fluids are seemingly everywhere, but it’s actually a necessary (and fun) life skill that kids can easily work to build this Mother’s Day. Even if your kids aren’t chopping peppers or boiling pasta, they can definitely make a contribution in the kitchen with these 10 easy-to-follow yet delicious recipes.

Whether you’re making breakfast in bed, going on a picnic, or letting Mom have a TV marathon of her own choosing, these dishes are sure to make her Mother’s Day simply scrumptious.