These 25 Things Are Slowing Down Your Metabolism

We know why you're here: You're terrified of your slowing metabolism. Honestly, we don't blame you. It makes sense that we're so scared when we hear such negative messages about what happens once it slows: If I have a slow metabolism, I'll be gross. Tired. Lazy. Depressed. Acne-covered. The list goes on.

Metabolism is just the process of the body using food and nutrients to carry out its usual biological processes. As we age, our metabolism naturally starts to slow down. We get more sluggish, our skin sags, and we put on a few pounds.

This is all completely natural.

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However, there are lifestyle choices and changes that could accelerate this process. People have gone to great lengths to speed up their metabolism. In popularized health discussions, metabolism has been inextricably tied to weight and weight loss. Slow metabolism equals fat. Fast metabolism equals thin, lean, and healthy. As a result, with a lean body in mind, many people set their minds to revving their metabolisms up and start on an attempt to diet, full speed ahead.

However, this could backfire: Many of the traditional dieting methods and foods we think are making us thinner are actually slowing our metabolism way, way down.

Is your workout slowing your metabolism? Maybe, if you're doing it wrong. What about eating low-carb?

The truth is, having a fast metabolism may or may not result in a smaller body. However, we do know that a fast metabolism will make you more energized, vivacious, clear-headed, clear-skinned, and hormonally balanced.

You don't want to sabotage that. If you avoid these 25 things, you won't have to.