This Is How Your Body Looks During a Sugar Crash

Irritability and lethargy may be your body’s response to what you just ate

Thinkstock / Rolf Weschke

After the sugar high comes the sugar low. 

It’s all fun and games until one too many cookies has you feeling like you’re going to fall over. Your body needs sugar to function, but it needs the amount of sugar in your body to stay at a consistent level. When you eat too much sugar, your body kicks into gear and produces insulin very quickly. By producing insulin, the body initiates glucose usage by either using it as glycogen or for energy. This usage causes your glucose levels to drop, along with your energy.

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The surge of energy you feel immediately after eating excess carbohydrates is generally followed by a crash. When a sugar crash happens and your blood glucose drops below the normal range, your body is not going to be happy. You may experience hunger, irritability, headache, fatigue, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating.

To avoid a sugar crash, eat balanced meals and healthy snacks throughout the day. That way, your body will not react to too much sugar at once and end up slipping into lethargy. Managing your blood sugar is a significant way of keeping your energy consistent throughout the day. To reverse a sugar crash, try eating a healthy simple carbohydrate, such as an apple or banana, which will absorb quickly into your blood stream.


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