shiny hair summer

The Foods to Eat This Summer for Shiny Hair

Give your scalp a makeover with these healthy foods
shiny hair summer

These foods are just what your hair was craving.

Summer has arrived. And not only are the days longer, but the sun shines into the evening, the weather is warm and pleasant, and you’re already dreaming of your island vacation. You feel great and you look great — and you want your hair to look great, too. Posing for photos on the beach, you want your hair to shine brightly under the sun!

The Foods to Eat This Summer for Shiny Hair Gallery

Even if you typically have dry hair that’s prone to split ends, that’s not too much to ask. Your diet can actually make a difference in the sheen and length of your hair. In general, the more nutrients you eat, the healthier your hair, skin, nails, and really entire body will be.

But there are a few key vitamins and minerals that nourish your hair from the source. While supplements can provide some of them, you really need food and nourishment to get everything you need.


Vitamin A is key for hair growth and the promotion of natural oil secretion on your scalp. B-vitamins — especially biotin — are crucial components of a diet that enables a healthy head of hair. Vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, and zinc all play integral roles in the health of your scalp and follicles. And, not surprisingly, protein is necessary to keep your hair growing at its usual clip with the desired amount of strength. Preventing split ends and dull locks of hair is as simple as getting proper nutrition — these foods can help you get there.