Every Question You've Ever Had About Carbs, Answered

"Oh, I don't need the carbs." You've probably either voiced this anxious assertion yourself or heard someone else say it once or twice — the notion of carbs being bad and not "needing" carbs has permeated the health conversation for quite a while now. However, by recommendation from the American government, carbs are meant to take up 50 percent of your daily calorie intake.

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How confusing is that? Well, the government isn't so far off-base, and it's not like they're pulling those recommendations out of thin air. There's a huge amount of science, case studies, and nutrition experience that led to that number. Fruits, whole grains, and lots of other healthy foods like beans and peas are absolutely loaded with carbs. But don't go tossing your quinoa yet.

The truth: Carbs aren't actually all that bad.

We just get thrown a lot of demonizing, glorifying, and all-around confusing terms that muddy the waters on what carbs we should all be eating. Low-carb, carb-loading, good carbs, bad carbs... We're here to clarify this conglomerate of conflicting terminology so you can understand carbohydrates, once and for all.