15 Smoothie Recipes That Will Mask The Taste Of Kale

15 Smoothie Recipes That Will Mask the Taste of Kale

We're certain that this list contains the easiest ways to make kale taste good. Click ahead to see 15 Smoothie Recipes That Will Mask the Taste of Kale.

Antioxidant Powerhouse Kale Smoothie Recipe

Antioxidants is a big buzzword in health and nutrition circles these days. Make sure you get yours in with this tasty recipe featuring pomegranate juice and berries.

Click here for the Antioxidant Powerhouse Kale Smoothie recipe.

Beat-Bloating Kale Smoothie Recipe

Not only does this smoothie recipe make kale taste good, it also will help you to ward off the worrisome effects of bloating.

Click here for The Beat-Bloating Kale Smoothie recipe.

Chocolate Cherry Kale Smoothie

Sweet and relatively healthy, this smoothie masks the taste of kale by incorporating the richness of chocolate and the fruity tartness of cherries.

Click here for the Chocolate Cherry Kale Smoothie recipe.

Cinnamon-Apple Spice Kale Smoothie Recipe

If you don't like how kale tastes but you love that autumnal cinnamon-apple spice flavor, this recipe is for you.

Click here for the Cinnamon-Apple Spice Kale Smoothie recipe.

Cynthia’s Sassy Sweet Green Smoothie

This smoothie incorporates a premade juice that already makes kale (and other greens) taste great. Toss in some frozen lima beans and some coconut, and you'll be able to enjoy a delicious nutritional powerhouse.

Click here for Cynthia's Sassy Sweet Green Smoothie recipe.

“Good Morning Darlene” Power Smoothie

You can start any day healthily with this delicious, nutrient-packed smoothie recipe that includes cucumbers, kale, spinach, and spirulina.

Click here for the "Good Morning Darlene" Power Smoothie recipe.

Hale to the Kale Smoothie

This recipe calls for kale, avocados, and other ingredients that help it be good for you while also tasting great.

Click here for the Hale to the Kale Smoothie recipe.

Meal-Replacer Kale Smoothie Recipe

Plenty of protein and iron from vegetables (we see you, kale) and fresh fruit mix together to make a "sandwich in a blender" of a smoothie. Oh, and it tastes good too.

Click here for the Meal-Replacer Kale Smoothie recipe.

Mexican Chocolate Kale Smoothie Recipe

Smoky, spicy, and sweet, this smoothie features many rich flavors, none of them kale.

Click here for the Mexican Chocolate Kale Smoothie recipe.

Skin-Brightening Kale Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie will help your skin glow in an effort to counteract the skin-drying powers of winter. It tastes phenomenal as well.

Click here for the Skin-Brightening Kale Smoothie recipe.

Spicy Garden Kale Smoothie Recipe

Spice does wonders to mask kale's bitterness. Take a trip to warmer weather with this summery kale smoothie.

Click here for the Spicy Garden Kale Smoothie Recipe.

Stress-Reducing Kale Smoothie Recipe

This recipe is super delicious ("There's kale in this? No way!" you'll undoubtedly exclaim to yourself) and the ingredients can also help lower your stress levels.

Click here for the Stress-Reducing Kale Smoothie recipe.

Thin Mint Smoothie

This vegan recipe has three servings of fruit and vegetables, uses fresh, real ingredients, and tastes exactly like those Girl Scout Cookies we've come to know and love oh so well (some of us know them much more intimately than others).

Click here for the Thin Mint Smoothie recipe.

Tropical Kale Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie's bright, tropical flavors may become your taste buds' best friend.

Click here for the Tropical Kale Smoothie recipe.

Ultimate Energizing Kale Smoothie Recipe

Sweet and spicy, this smoothie is guaranteed to give you a boost of energy, while making the kale's bitter taste virtually unidentifiable.

Click here for the Ultimate Energizing Kale Smoothie recipe.