Best Pasta Recipe

Pasta Recipes Just Like Grandma Used to Make

The best pasta dishes are simple and comforting
Best Pasta Recipe

Pasta is an incredible thing — simple, versatile, and most importantly delicious. This common food is always comforting and never seems to go out of style. Many pasta dishes come together with only a few ingredients, making them not only quick and easy meals to whip up for unexpected guests, but usually affordable as well.

Pasta Recipes Like Grandma Used to Make Gallery

For a lot of people, their fondest memories of pasta come from Grandma’s house. Whether you’re looking for a recipe to recall happy times or hoping to start a pasta tradition of your own, we’ve got you covered. We’ve picked out our favorite pasta recipes that are easy enough for anyone to cook at home when the craving hits. We also wanted to share a secret that can transform any pasta dish into something completely luxurious and addicting.


For pastas that are tossed in a sauce before serving, it’s helpful to add some reserved pasta water (yes from the pot you cooked the noodles in) to a large pan along with the cooked noodles and prepared sauce. Do this over medium heat and use tongs to constantly swirl the pasta, making sure every noodle gets evenly coated. The starch from the pasta water helps to naturally thicken any sauce, making sure it clings to all the noodles. So whip out your big pasta pot and get cooking with these incredible pasta recipes like Grandma used to make.