Everything You Need to Know About Campfire Cookouts

From building the perfect fire to the ultimate variations on classic s’mores, this fulfills all your campfire cooking needs


Toasting marshmallows round a campfire is summer party perfection.

Take at least one weekend this summer to spend miles away from home, in the great outdoors. Pack your tent, your sleeping bag, and plenty of food, and head off to the wild countryside or the breezy beach. Pitch your tent, build a campfire, and enjoy a magical evening of flickering flames, charred hot dogs, melted marshmallows, and stargazing. Follow this guide to make sure you’re up to speed with all the campfire cookout essentials, like how to build the fire, what equipment you’ll need to take, the best cooking methods, and our absolute favorite campfire recipes.

Everything You Need to Know About Campfire Cookouts (Slideshow)

There are four key campfire cooking techniques that you need to brush up on before you start planning what to pack and what you’re going to eat. From the basic, child-friendly method of using a stick to cook marshmallows and sausages over the flames, to the foolproof foil-wrapped technique, to the ingenious coffee can cooking option, make sure you’re up to speed with what equipment is required, and what can be cooked using each method.

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Campfire cookouts don’t have to always solely consist of sausages and charred marshmallows. Using the cooking techniques mentioned above, you can create a hearty, delicious, balanced dinner, sweet, caramelized desserts, and warming, energizing breakfasts. Start your day with campfire pancakes or homemade instant oatmeal, and end it with hot dogs, loaded potatoes, and roasted mushrooms, followed by caramel peaches and, of course, s’mores. Before you set off, double check to make sure you haven’t forgotten the marshmallows. No campfire cookout is complete without endless rounds of toasted, charred, and melty s’mores.