Edible Wedding Arrangements For The Food-Obsessed Bride

Edible Wedding Arrangements for the Food-Obsessed Bride

For the food-obsessed bride (and groom), deciding what food and drink to serve at your wedding is a hugely important decision. You probably have a good idea of what dishes and cocktails you definitely want to avoid, but settling on the perfect menu can be extremely challenging. We're here to provide you with more sneaky ways to incorporate edible treats into your wedding, by transforming your wedding decorations into part of your meal.

Artichoke Bouquets

Artichokes are the most subtly beautiful vegetable. Keep their entire heads intact, and add the floral-looking vegetable to your bouquet of flowers. As floral centerpieces or clutched in the bride's hands, seasonal spring artichokes are the prettiest vegetable to add to your flower arrangements. 

Bountiful Bread Baskets

Bread shouldn't be confined to a plain-looking roll sitting by everybody's place setting. Make the most of the need to serve bread by setting various loaves — in a range of styles — in huge wicker baskets, to be shared and enjoyed by your guests. 

Brioche Flowers

Pull-apart brioche buns can be baked into pretty flower shapes. Set a beautiful brioche flower at the center of every table, and allow the guests to deconstruct the arrangement as they eat the freshly baked bread. 

Cabbage Plants

Cabbage was probably not the first thought that sprung to mind when you started planning the flowers for your wedding. However, these vegetables are so beautiful when they're still young, in their deep shades of green, purple, and white: They'll look perfect dotted along the tables and around the venue in simple terra cotta pots.

Cake Vase

Your wedding centerpieces don't need to last forever, which means your flowers don't need to be swimming in water. Swap the glass vase for an edible cake one, by simply sticking brightly colored flower stems in to the top of a sponge cake, so that the blooms show their heads as they would were they nestled in a real vase. When it's time for dessert, your guests can simply cut into their beautiful and sweet centerpiece.

Caramel Apples

If you're having an autumn or winter wedding, then make the most of the season's crunchy apples, and line the tables with deep colors, dark flowers, and some sweet and simple caramel apples.

Cheese Platter Table Runner

Rather than serving cheese at the end of the meal, we love the idea of replacing the flowers and leaves running down the center of the long tables with a long, seemingly never-ending cheese board. Set up beautifully, cheeses interspersed with beautiful bright fruits and chutneys, crackers, and fresh bread can make for a stunning edible centerpiece.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Bouquet

Stick the juicy strawberries on the end of a skewer, dip them in a range of dark, milk, and white chocolate, cover them with any extras you fancy  such as sprinkles or chopped nuts  and arrange the berries in a pot or a vase, just as you would arrange your favorite flowers.

Citrus Centerpiece

Naturally bright, glowing citrus fruits are perfect for any bride who's in need of a winter wedding centerpiece savior. These fruits will add a splash of yellow and orange to your elegant winter reception. Put them in huge bowls, or adorn the tables with carefully placed citrus.

Cupcake Bouquet

Who wants vases of flowers when you could have vases of cupcakes? Bake the cupcakes, and ice them in a spiraling, rose-pattern. Fill a small pot or bucket with tissue paper, and place a half ball of flower foam on top. Put cocktail sticks or skewers into the foam, and stick the cupcakes on to them. Fill any gaps with tissue paper or real flowers.

Cupcake Towers

If you're serving pretty pastel cupcakes for dessert, don't hide them away during the rest of the party. Make the most of their beauty, and pile them up on cake stands, to use them as the literally sweetest edible wedding arrangement.

Fruits and Flowers

Make your wedding centerpieces look like a still-life painting, by combining fresh flowers and fresh fruit.  Pick the fruits according to your color scheme: Strawberries on their stems tucked into a bunch of white roses is so simple yet so stunning; if you're having bright flowers such as peonies, ranunculus, or sweet peas, try adding in bunches of redcurrants, rosehips, and crab apples.

Fruit Baskets

Whatever time of year your wedding is, there will definitely be some beautiful seasonal fruit which you can showcase as a simple wedding centerpiece. Wicker baskets filled with fresh fruit are the perfect addition to every outdoor, rustic wedding celebration. Fill the baskets with fresh berries and stone fruits in the summer: The smell will be fabulous, and they'll taste wonderful too.

Fruit Bouquet

If you're a fruit-obsessed bride, try making some of these clever bouquets. Use your favorite vases, and prepare the fruit as you like: wash the strawberries, cut the pineapple into fun shapes, remove the grapes from their stems, and then stick them on skewers of various lengths, and at various heights, then arrange them carefully in the vase.

Fruits on the Vine

For the natural, organic-style wedding, decorating with fruits on the vine will authentically add to the look you're after. Adorn the tables with bunches of grapesoranges with leaves attached, and berries on their prickly stems: The green from the leaves and stems will mean that from afar that this arrangement looks like flowers, and only when the guests are up close will they see that it's made of delicious fresh fruit.

Garlands of Clementines

To add a splash of color to a wedding with a dark palate, incorporating ripe clementines or oranges can really bring the wedding centerpieces to life. Run deep green leaves down the length of the table with stems and branches attached, and nestle some clementines amongst them for a bright pop of edible color.

Ice Bucket Centerpiece

You're going to have to have drinks on the dining tables at your wedding, so you may as well make the most and turn them into a centerpiece. Put all the wine and Champagne in galvanized metal ice buckets, filled with ice cubes. Tie flowers around the ice bucket for more decoration, and to really take it to the next level, use floral ice cubes for the daintiest, prettiest centerpiece.

Lollipop Flower Garden

Add some kid-friendly pops of color to your wedding decorations, by swapping the flowers for a selection of candy lollipops. You could even stand them up in a chocolate crumble soil for the ultimate sweet-toothed centerpiece.

Potted Herbs

If you're a green-fingered bride, swap the expensive flowers for little pots of fragrant herbs. Your guests can pick a few leaves off to sprinkle on their dinner, and you could even make them double up as wedding favors.

Sugared Cranberries

Add some festive sparkle to your wedding with glass bowls and vases filled with sugared cranberries. These glittering little gems will add some sugar-coated tastiness to every wedding, and are especially  perfect if you're getting married around Christmastime.

Vegetable Crudités

Using a galvanized metal planter filled with heirloom vegetable crudités is the perfect way to transform your party's appetizer into your party's centerpiece. Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck loves to sit his favorite sturdy seasonable vegetables in a bed of beet hummus, for the most wonderfully colorful start to your wedding feast.