9 Celebrities Who Are More Obsessed With Food Than You Are

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The Daily Meal has rounded up nine celebrities who go above and beyond the occasional pizza Instagram. They're even more obsessed with food than you are. These famous food lovers blog about food, write cookbooks, gush about their diets (or complete lack thereof), and wax poetic about their love of pizza. 

Jessica Alba

Hollywood darling Jessica Alba is a staunch health food advocate. She has been an outspoken leader of the clean-eating, gluten-free brigade for years, and her 2013 book The Honest Life gives her candid opinions on topics like genetically modified organisms and farm-to-table dining. Plus, she once told The Daily Meal that if her kids took an interest in chicken nuggets, she'd give them a serious time out. 

Aziz Ansari

It's no secret that this Parks and Recreation star and comedian has a serious love of dining out. First of all, he's dating a pretty talented chef, Courtney McBroom, who also happens to work for Ansari's good friend, Momofuku's David Chang. Last year, he even started a web series called Food Club with two other comedians that's dedicated to "sailing the world to seek the ultimate bite." Plus, he has a list of favorite restaurants in most cities that he hits on his comedy tours.  

Jim Gaffigan

Whereas Jessica Alba is a health food nut, and Aziz Ansari is up on the restaurant scene, Jim Gaffigan is a self-described lover of food, period. His book Food: A Love Story chronicles his love of junk food, fast food, and processed foods. Many of his stand-up routines have pithy one-liners about his gluttonous habits, like: "Have you ever been tempted by an apple? I would have been like, 'cover it in caramel and come back to me. Got any cake back there?'"

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, who's ever the outspoken supporter of eating what you love, and who peppers her red carpet interviews with comments about pizza, is next on our list. You won't find J-Law on a gluten-free diet, which she described as "the new cool eating disorder." Plus, she calls Cool Ranch Doritos "her girl," all while maintaining and promoting a healthy body image.  

Eva Longoria

She may be famous for her on-screen roles, but this Desperate Housewife has shown that she really knows her way around a kitchen. She published a cookbook, Eva's Kitchen, in 2011, and it's full of fresh, healthy, family-favorites to make at home — like her chunky guacamole. Even Joe Bastianich is impressed by her cooking skills. 

Gwyneth Paltrow

We could go on and on about the GOOP queen, who has become the unofficial spokesperson for celebrity clean-eating couture. She writes daily about cleansing and pure eating, and has published several cookbooks, including one for kids. And now you can eat like Gwyneth to-go thanks to her new food takeout service.


QuestLove, the drummer for The Roots, has made no secret of his love for food, frequently hosting food salons at his New York City apartment for like-minded culinarians. Chefs who have been spotted at these coveted private events include Wylie Dufresne, Danny Bowien, and April Bloomfield. He even briefly co-owned a fried chicken joint in Chelsea Market. 

Chrissy Teigen

Follow swimsuit model and bombshell Chrissy Teigen's cooking exploits on Instagram (hello, spicy mussels in tomato broth!), or on her blog, Delushious. Plus, Teigen just released her first cookbook this past fall, and it's full of recipes she created and curated herself. But despite those mean skills in the kitchen, she isn't afraid to bring it down a couple of notches by tweeting her double date at Waffle House.

Oprah Winfrey

Is there anything Oprah doesn't have a love for? We know that the multi-billionaire is obsessed with truffles and keeps her own private stash on hand when she travels, she was a partner in a Chicago restaurant in the 1990s (The Eccentric, part of Rich Melman's Lettuce Entertain You group), and she was one of the producers of Hundred Foot Journey, the restaurant-centric love story about feuding restaurants and love. And, of course, she has her own Starbucks chai tea.