Jessica Alba Cooks With Coconut Water and Dishes Health Tips

Jessica Alba and chef Anthony Sasso of Casa Mono demonstrated that coconut water recipes can go beyond healthy smoothies by making an entire four-course luncheon and discussing the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle

Jessica Alba Cooks With Coconut Water and Dishes Health Tips
Jessica Alba, showing off the dishes she made with Zico coconut water.

When you think coconut water, post-workout hydration and healthy smoothies come to mind, right? Jessica Alba and chef Anthony Sasso of Casa Mono set out to change coconut water’s limited image at a recent Institute of Culinary Education four-course luncheon in which the Hollywood starlet and classically-trained chef used Zico coconut water varieties in each and every healthy and satisfying dish, from a kale salad dressed with olive oil and coconut water and chicken kebobs topped with mangos, to a watermelon popsicle layered with frozen coconut water and a decadent flourless chocolate cake (baked with the Zico chocolate water, of course).

Chef Anthony Sasso had plenty of advice when it came to cooking with this slightly unusual ingredient. When making the kale salad for instance, he recommended using more coconut water than olive oil in the dressing to make the salad a little healthier. He also said that when cooking with coconut water, to remember that it is the juicier variety of coconut milk, and that the milk should be used to prepare things like thick smoothies.

Jessica Alba said she also loves to use coconut water as a dressing, but that cooking with Zico is just one component of the health-conscious and somewhat strict lifestyle that she’s passed down to her children.

“My kids have been drinking coconut water for years,” said Alba, who always keeps fresh fruits and vegetables in the house, and never any processed foods. “My attitude is that I at least want them to try it; they don’t have to like it, but I will not have them eating chicken nuggets. I’m like, you’re gonna starve and you’ll get time out.”

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Alba and Paltrow, dishing out advice only a "working" celebrity mom could appreciate. If I had a staff and rubbed elbows with professional chefs, I could also prepare meals like her...unfortunately, between soccer practices, school projects and two full-time jobs, those processed chicken nuggets do the trick. I'd rather feed my sons something quick and dirty than give them time-outs and starve for not eating their kale and coconut water.


There was a time when I really liked Jessica Alba. That completely ended when she agreed to play in that "B" Movie "Machette" that was nothing more than a propaganda farce depiction of US citizens' hateful stance against Latinos and illegal immigrats. It should have been made into a comedy, instead of a so-called action movie tat was a cheap-shot portrayal of US citizens by Latinos, that further foments prejudice. It's perfectly OK to turn Latinos into heroes, even if they commit murders and atrocities, regardless of which side of the border they are on. Of course, the US is made up of all kinds of corrupt politicians, businessmen, and law enforcement officials...but the extreme exagerrations in this movie were politically motivated and manipulative, instead of entertainment. She is no longer the Latina "America's Sweetheart." She is another nobody. ... A good looking "Nobody." She and Jaye Fonda would make a great team. Two people that had everything going for them; and, could have brought people together; but, chose to back the wrong cause in the wrong way. They should do a work out video together. Alba can be the new face and body, working out along side of the old haggered face and tight body of Fonda.


She forgot to say she adds a side of herpes to every dish she makes.

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