15 Foods You Should Never Bring For Your Office Lunch

If there's one thing about working in an office, it's that you're in close quarters. A cubicle wall can only be so much of a barrier, you know? So any foods that you microwave, toast up, or simply open up and munch on at your desk are also going to be experienced by your co-workers.

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While bringing these foods isn't necessarily a breach of etiquette, it is a little inconsiderate. You may be enjoying your steamed broccoli and fish curry with a side of crunchy potato chips and leftover McDonald's French fries, but we assure you that your buddies over in accounting are not having quite the good time you are.

So, before you pack up your leftovers, make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or decide to pack a week's worth of hard-boiled eggs for breakfast and leave them on your desk, consider these 15 foods that you really should never bring for your office lunch. Seriously. Your co-workers will thank you.