All The 'Game Of Thrones' Products You Can Eat Or Drink Right Now

The final season of HBO's "Game of Thrones" is almost here, and ahead of the much anticipated premiere on April 14, brands are capitalizing on the hype. Before we gather 'round ye olde boob tube to watch how this all ends, we've gathered an evolving list of food and drink inspired by the hit show.

The Best Food Moments From 'Game of Thrones' So Far

Brewery Ommegang's King in the North

Brewery Ommegang of Cooperstown, New York, has been releasing beers inspired by "Game of Thrones" since 2013. Currently, they offer a barrel-aged imperial stout named called King in the North, a smoked porter and kriek ale blend called Mother of Dragons, a blend of sour and blonde ales called Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, a barleywine ale called Hand of the Queen and a strong golden ale fermented with pinot grigio and viognier grape juice called For the Throne.

Shake Shack's Special Menu

The original Shake Shack location in New York City's Madison Square Park is offering a spicy Dracarys Burger and white chocolate mint Dragonglass Shake for a limited time only. If you want to order either, you have to speak to the cashier in Valyrian. Sȳz biarves.

Deliveroo's Chocolate Dragon Eggs
U.K. fans who use food-delivery service Deliveroo can now order white-chocolate dragon eggs (top). They're huge (2.2 pounds and nearly 8 inches high) and are made with fair trade white chocolate. The eggs are hand-painted in three different color patterns to mimic the ones Khal Drogo gifts Daenerys Targaryen in honor of their wedding.

Johnnie Walker Whisky

Johnnie Walker made a White Walker scotch with single malts from Cardhu and Clynelish in Scotland. There's also a whole "Game of Thrones" Single Malt Whisky Collection featuring eight bottles inspired by the houses — Tully, Stark, Targaryen, Lannister, Greyjoy, Baratheon, Tyrell — and the Night's Watch, the military order that guards the wall at the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms.

'GOT' Oreos

Cookies are coming. "Game of Thrones" Oreos come in four different designs: a direwolf for House Stark, a lion for House Lannister, a dragon for House Targaryen and the Night King to represent the White Walkers. Though they bear special patterns, these Oreos feature the original chocolate cookie and white cream.

'Kill List' Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is stripping itself of its famous neon-green to become a nameless, brandless and faceless can. When warm, the label is white as snow, but after a few minutes in the refrigerator, Arya Stark's iconic kill list appears.


The characters in "Game of Thrones" love their wine. Boozers on the other side of the TV box can indulge in vino too, including a Bordeaux called The Imp's Delight as well as officially licensed wines like this red blend, this chardonnay, this pinot noir or this cabernet sauvignon.

A Giant Pretzel Throne

You can't exactly consume this one, but it's worth a mention. Snyder's of Hanover made its own version of the Iron Throne using more than 1,000 pretzels.

The Mother of All Sauces

For one day only on Sunday, April 14 (the same day that "Game of Thrones" premieres), Buffalo Wild Wings will offer special Dragon Fire Wings. The sauce is made with a mix of chili and ghost peppers, plus soy and ginger sauce. Jalapeno slivers top it all off. Diners can get these wings in restaurant or for takeout through the BWW app. The sauce itself is available for delivery through DoorDash exclusively.

A Gold Leafed Wing

For one day only on Sunday, April 14, customers can enter code "3EYEDOWL" on orders from Hooters via Uber Eats. This grants free delivery on orders over $10 and the chance to receive a treasure chest containing a wing covered in edible gold leaf. These five to 10 winners will also be awarded free Hooters wings with free delivery from Uber Eats for a year.

Who will take the Iron Throne? Jon Snow? Daenerys? Sansa Stark? Tyrion Lannister? Only time will tell. In the meantime, we'd bend the knee for the best all-you-can-eat deal in every state.