The Best Chinese Restaurant In Every State

Chinese food is timeless — and arguably one of the best foods to order for takeout. But with so many restaurants all over the country, how could you possibly know where to turn? We looked at nearly every style under the sun from Americanized takeout spots to dumpling stands, dim sum parlors, bakeries, spicy Sichuan joints, high-end temples of Chinese gastronomy and hole-in-the-wall noodle shops. With all of their powers combined, we give you this compilation of the best Chinese restaurants in every state.


Our research took us to regional and local publications, social media and crowdsourced reviews from Yelp and similar sites. We included both authentic regional Chinese cuisine and American-Chinese creations. We didn't consider restaurants that are primarily Asian fusion, or otherwise not exclusively focused on Chinese cuisine, though there are some states we had to make an exception for.

Alabama: Ming’s Garden (Montgomery)

The cozy Ming's Garden in Montgomery, Alabama, is known for its variety in taste and high quality fresh ingredients. With specialties like ma po tofu, mandarin shredded pork and seafood, Peking duck, twice-cooked pork, a killer pu pu platter and wonton soup, it's hard to leave unhappy.

Alaska: Charlie’s Bakery (Anchorage)

Charlie's Bakery in the hard-working city of Anchorage, Alaska, has a wide-ranging menu with everything your hungry heart could desire, from steamed buns and yu-shiang eggplant to deep-fried shrimp balls, barbecue eel and more.

Arizona: Wong’s Chinese Cuisine (Phoenix)

Wong's Chinese Cuisine is a family-owned restaurant in Phoenix that uses top-quality, fresh ingredients to make your meal unforgettable. Menu standouts include the hot and sour soup, lo mein and kung pao chicken. Rumor has it the Mongolian beef is tender and flavorful and makes for great leftovers for days to come.

Arkansas: Three Fold (Little Rock)

If you happen to be traveling through Arkansas, do yourself a favor and stop at Three Fold in Little Rock. The counter-service restaurant makes everything from scratch, and much of it daily. Go for the dumplings with your choice of protein with green onions and dunking sauce, or the steamed bun with protein, pickled veggies, fresh spring greens, cilantro and pepper sauce.

California: Mama Lu’s Dumpling House (Monterey Park)

You can almost guarantee that there will be a long line of customers ordering and waiting to pick up their meal at Mama Lu's Dumpling House, but it's worth the wait. This Monterey Park hot spot is known for its juicy pork dumplings, beef wraps, spicy wontons, house stir-fried udon and more.

Colorado: Star Kitchen (Denver)

Located in a modest strip mall, Star Kitchen is turning out expert renditions of more than 60 dim sum classics, including pork buns, dumplings, rice crepes, and salt and pepper shrimp. There's also clay pot rice, peking duck, congee, hot pots and countless seafood options.

Connecticut: Sichuan Pepper (Vernon)

Connecticut is known for the best pizza in America, but you can find great Chinese food here too. At Sichuan Pepper in Vernon, must-try items include dan dan mein (noodles with minced pork and spicy sauce), house-made pork wontons in seaweed and dried shrimp broth, and hot and spicy frog legs.

Delaware: Mom’s Kitchen (Bear)

Mom's Kitchen in Bear, Delaware, serves regional specialties exclusive to Northeastern China that are meant to mimic eats expats grew up with. Some specialties include braised pork with green beans, beef and tomato broth, chicken with mushroom broth, beef tendon in spicy sauce, shrimp with fungus, as well as radish and meatball soup.

Florida: China Tea (Orlando)

Add China Tea to your list of things to do in Florida beyond Disney and the beach. This Orlando restaurant comes highly recommended for plates like crispy sesame and General Tso's chicken, spicy Mongolian beef and delectable fried rice — vegetable, egg, roast pork, chicken, beef, shrimp or Hawaiian-style.

Georgia: Gu’s Kitchen (Chamblee)

The family behind Gu's Kitchen in Chamblee, Georgia, is native to the birthplace of Szechuan cuisine: Chengdu, China. The most popular dishes at this restaurant in the Peach State include stuffed tofu, dan dan noodles, Zhong-style dumplings, jumbo shrimp with walnuts, crispy fish filet with peanuts and red chili pepper, hot pots, tea smoked duck and smoked pork.

Hawaii: Fook Lam (Honolulu)

In Honolulu, you can satisfy your craving for super solid Chinese fare at Fook Lam. Steamed custard buns, soup dumplings, X.O. turnip cake, curry tendon, xiao long bao, short rib hot pot, siu mai ... they're all here, and they're the best around. Furthermore, it's inexpensive. Fill up for less than $20 on average.

Idaho: Wok-Inn Noodle (Boise)

For the best Chinese food in Idaho, head to Wok-Inn Noodle. This old-school hole in the wall in Boise boasts interpretations of classic dishes, including made-to-order egg rolls, chow mein, fried rice, fried chicken with ginger and garlic and Mongolian chicken.

Illinois: MingHin Cuisine (Chicago)

Diners in Cubs territory should experience a meal at MingHin Cuisine if they haven't already. The Michelin-recognized Chicago restaurant, located in Chinatown Square, is a popular choice for dim sum with satisfying selections such as juicy har gow, pan-fried turnip cakes, and Malay steamed egg cake.

Indiana: Asian Snack (Indianapolis)

One of Indianapolis' culinary gems, Asian Snack is hiding in plain sight inside Saraga International Grocery. For something truly special, order the eggplant with spicy garlic sauce, beef noodle soup, shredded pork with tofu, pie with chive filling or steamed pork dumplings. Portions are very generous.

Iowa: Le’s Chinese Bar-B-Que (Des Moines)

Barbecue isn't reserved for ribs and brisket only. With duck, pork and chicken hanging in the window, it's hard to resist sampling the roasted meat at Le's Chinese Bar-B-Que. Get it by the pound to-go at this Des Moines, Iowa, spot or order it as part of noodle soup, fried rice or lo mein.

Kansas: ABC Cafe (Overland Park)

ABC Cafe brings fresh and authentic Chinese flavors to Overland Park, Kansas. Signature dishes include salt and pepper tofu, and seven-flavor mushroom and shrimp dumplings. Other popular items include beef chow fun, barbecue pork buns and turnip cake. On top of taste, Yelp reviewers commend the perfectly photographable plate presentations too.

Kentucky: Oriental House (Louisville)

Flip through the menu at Oriental House in the caring city of Louisville, Kentucky, until you reach the "Authentic Chinese" section, and be amazed at what you'll find. Enjoy beef stew hot pot, duck feet, wok-seared whole flounder, shrimp-stuffed tofu, Peking-style pork chop — the list goes on and on.

Louisiana: Dian Xin (New Orleans)

Louisiana is best known for Cajun and Creole food, but don't sleep on the Chinese fare in this Southern state. Head to Dian Xin in New Orleans for crowd pleasers like crabmeat and crawfish bao, pork and shrimp shumai, honey chicken and sauteed bok choy.

Maine: Bao Bao Dumpling House (Portland)

Find Bao Bao Dumpling House in the birthplace of Stephen King: Portland, Maine. Housed in a historic townhouse in the West End, Bao Bao, which translates to "wrapped treasure," specializes in dumplings and Asian-inspired comfort food. Go for the Kung Pao chicken dumplings, pork and scallion dumplings or somen noodles with chili, ginger, soy and cucumber.

Maryland: Bob’s Shanghai 66 (Rockville)

Bob's Shanghai 66 has been widely recognized for its swoon-worthy Chinese cuisine. Menu favorites at this Rockville, Maryland, restaurant include crab and pork soup dumplings, spicy Szechuan-style sliced beef, salt and pepper crispy jumbo shrimp, spicy pork wontons and spicy fried tofu for plant-based eaters.

Massachusetts: Gourmet Dumpling House (Boston)

Gourmet Dumpling House in Chinatown isn't just the best Chinese restaurant in Boston — it's the best in all of Massachusetts. Just a stone's throw from Boston Public Garden, this restaurant's pan-fried pork buns are a must-order. Other standouts include mini juicy dumplings with pork and crabmeat, sandong-style pan-fried dumplings and vegetarian steamed dumplings.

Michigan: Best China (Canton)

Shanghai specialties are the selling point at Best China in Canton, Michigan. Treat yourself to spicy salted shrimp, chili fish, pork pan-fried noodle, cumin beef, mapo tofu or scallion pancakes. Best China also offers a selection of sweet and savory pastries.

Minnesota: Shuang Cheng (Minneapolis)

A favorite of University of Minnesota students, the homey Shuang Cheng, meaning "Twin Cities," specializes in Cantonese fare as well as a wide variety of fresh seafood dishes. The menu at this Minneapolis spot is super long, but chef suggestions include spicy sesame chicken, moo goo gai pan, stir-fried beef in oyster sauce, lemon chicken and pineapple duck.

Mississippi: Mr. Chen’s (Jackson)

The menu at Mr. Chen's in the historic town of Jackson, Mississippi, features Chinese specialties such as spicy beef tendon, steamed dumplings, seafood clay pot, salted crispy frog legs, Peking pork, roasted duck and more.

Missouri: Blue Koi Noodles and Dumplings (Kansas City)

Fans of Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" may recognize Blue Koi Noodles and Dumplings. This Kansas City, Missouri, restaurant impresses with specialties like Ants on a Tree — a colorful dish of cellophane noodles tossed with spiced ground pork, cabbage and chopped carrots; gluten-free seafood noodle soup with loads of scallop, shrimp, calamari, mussels and rice noodles; and plump Northern Chinese dumplings

Montana: China Garden (Missoula)

A Missoula, Montana, staple since 1983, China Garden is a beloved neighborhood standby for its wide variety of Cantonese and Sichuan dishes. The extensive menu features moo shu vegetables, chop suey and Hong Kong chow mein to keep you warm on cold days.

Nebraska: Blue & Fly Asian Kitchen (Omaha)

At Blue & Fly Asian Kitchen in Omaha, Nebraska, you'll find versions of classic Americanized favorites and authentic Chinese dishes. Crab rangoon, fried chicken wings, cashew chicken and sweet and sour pork are on the menu alongside sweet and spicy cucumber, stir-fried pork kidney, bulgogi, mushu pork and more.

Nevada: Shang Artisan Noodle (Las Vegas)

Shang Artisan Noodle uses noodle-making techniques special to Shanxi in North China. The hand-pulled dough is silken and springy and used in an array of modern hot and cold dishes inspired by the region. Some popular items at this fast-casual Las Vegas eatery include shang beef noodle with brisket, chicken chow mein and pork rib noodle soup.

New Hampshire: Golden Tao (Manchester)

Golden Tao is a Manchester, New Hampshire, gem specializing in Americanized Chinese fare. With a seemingly infinite amount of choices, the menu features items including crab rangoon, shao mai, pu pu platters, orange chicken, crispy sesame fish, chow mai fun, Chinese sausage fried rice and more.

New Jersey: Hunan Taste (Denville)

The upscale Hunan Taste has been serving fine Chinese fare — Sichuan, Cantonese and Mandarin — since it first opened in an old roller-skating rink in 1986. Some house specialties at the family-run Denville, New Jersey, landmark include Peking duck, tangerine scallops and Mongolian lamb.

New Mexico: Budai Gourmet Chinese (Albuquerque)

Hsia Fang, the chef and co-owner of Budai Gourmet Chinese in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has more than 30 years of culinary experience creating handcrafted dishes influenced by Taiwan, Shanghai and Southern China. Some popular menu items include mini pork steamed buns, clay pot tofu and tea-smoked duck.

New York: Xi’an Famous Foods (New York City)

At Xi'an Famous Foods, a chain in New York City, go for any of the hand-pulled noodle dishes, like the spicy cumin lamb with hand-ripped noodles or the popular stewed pork burger. Unlike your average beef patty on a bun, this handheld uses pork belly meat stewed in soy sauce with spices and herbs, diced and packed into a warm, crispy flatbread-like bun. There are currently 12 Xi'an Famous Foods locations across Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, so call ahead to make sure the one nearest you is open.

North Carolina: Imperial Garden (Raleigh)

Going strong in Raleigh, North Carolina, since 1987, Imperial Garden has waitstaff and cooks who have been there since day one, and they're turning out spectacular Chinese food. While there's no shortage of options, Szechuan-style pork, hot shredded beef and sesame chicken are among the stars on the menu here.

North Dakota: Great Wall (Fargo)

At Great Wall in Fargo, North Dakota, ingredients are fresh and dishes are made with care using healthier methods. Standout menu items at this trusty neighborhood spot include sweet and sour chicken, garlic pork, beef chow mein and sesame tofu. Party trays are also available, as is a gluten-free menu.

Ohio: LJ Shanghai (Cleveland)

LJ Shanghai in Cleveland knocks it out of the park with big portions and major flavor. Come here for the soup dumplings but stay for the Shanghai pan fried flat noodles, Shanghai shrimp & pork wonton soup and beef daoxiao noodle.

Oklahoma: Chow’s (Oklahoma City)

This modest Oklahoma City storefront is hiding a showstopper of a Chinese restaurant. Chow's serves a pleasing mix of Americanized favorites and traditional Chinese fare. House specials here include sweet and sour shrimp, broccoli and beef, and salt and pepper tofu served with steamed or fried rice.

Oregon: Mama Chow’s Kitchen (Portland)

The best Chinese restaurant in Oregon is actually a food cart. In business since early 2014, the attractive cedar-lined Mama Chow's serves a succinct menu of appetizing eats including pork and shrimp wonton soup, chicken dumplings, lollipop wings, kalua pork and more.

Pennsylvania: Han Dynasty (Philadelphia)

Han Dynasty is a Philadelphia legend. It has spawned five additional locations in Pennsylvania and three more in New York City. The reason for its success? It serves some of the finest Sichuan fare this side of Chengdu. Diners love the dan dan noodles, spicy crispy cucumber, dry pots and pea leaves with garlic.

Rhode Island: Chengdu (Providence)

Chengdu is dedicated to serving the finest and freshest food to the people of Providence, Rhode Island. Spicy food lovers can enjoy customer favorites including ma po tofu with minced pork and chong qing diced chicken with hot chili peppercorn.

South Carolina: Red Orchids (Charleston)

Charlestonians flock to Red Orchids for its new spins on traditional Chinese classics in beautiful South Carolina. The real stars of the menu are the house specialties, which include fried red snapper, mapo tofu, five-spice lamb chops and tea-smoked boneless duck.

South Dakota: Phnom Penh Restaurant Asian Cuisine (Sioux Falls)

The best Chinese restaurant in South Dakota can be found in Sioux Falls. Go for the chicken curry, spring rolls or papaya salad, or check out Phnom Penh's chef suggestions: General Tso's chicken, teriyaki stir-fry, ta-chin chicken or pepper steak.

Tennessee: Lucky Bamboo (Nashville)

Lucky Bamboo is the destination for authentic Chinese cuisine in Nashville. You'll find a wide variety of Sichuan cold appetizers including dan dan noodles, mala beef tendon and pork belly in minced garlic sauce. On weekend afternoons, more than 15 dim sum options are available, including pork buns, rice crepes, spare ribs and dumplings.

Texas: Asia Cafe (Austin)

Austinites adore Asia Café for its steamy bowls of spicy beef soup; spicy honey comb with beef, tripe and tongue; and twice-cooked pork and zhong dumplings, one of the most famous street foods in Chengdu and a must-try Chinese dish in the Texas capital.

Utah: One More Noodle House (Salt Lake City)

One More Noodle House is a cornerstone in the Salt Lake City community thanks to its outstanding modern interpretations of Chinese cuisine, friendly staff and excellent service. Dishes are made using only the freshest ingredients, and popular picks include braised beef, numbing spicy beef, tofu dan dan noodles and braised pork noodles.

Vermont: A Single Pebble (Burlington)

This family-style Burlington, Vermont restaurant, has some serious accolades. Just ask Alton Brown, who called A Single Pebble's shiitake-based mock eel his "all-time favorite chopstick food" on Food Network's "The Best Thing I Ever Ate." The menu is wide-ranging and expansive, but must-orders include dumplings, crispy scallops and steel pot sha cha beef.

Virginia: Peking Gourmet Inn (Falls Church)

Peking Gourmet Inn has served Falls Church, Virginia, since 1978. Impressive items at this reliable family-style Chinese restaurant include Szechuan beef proper, Peking duck, snow crab asparagus soup and so much more.

Washington: Facing East (Bellevue)

Handheld Taiwanese pork bao — featuring porcine nuggets stuffed into tender buns — are well worth the trip to Bellevue, Washington's Facing East. The menu at this Seattle-area mainstay also boasts sauteed sliced lamb, twice-cooked beef shank and pumpkin with salted duck egg.

Washington, DC: Tiger Fork

Tiger Fork is a contemporary Hong Kong kitchen and cocktail bar in Washington, D.C. The family-style menu plays on popular street foods, traditional dim sum and classic Chinese dishes with global influence. Popular items include cheung fun, chili wontons, smashed cucumber salad and bubble waffle with ice cream.

West Virginia: Main Kwong (Charleston)

This Charleston, West Virginia, institution serves a huge menu chock full of all the Chinese-American classics: wonton soup, Singapore chow mei fun, crab rangoon, fried rice, General Tso's chicken and the like. Main Kwong also happens to do it very, very well.

Wisconsin: Sze Chuan (West Allis)

The best Chinese food in Wisconsin can be found at Sze Chuan in the Milwaukee suburb of West Allis. Only fresh ingredients go into the selection of authentic Sichuan dishes, including dry hot pots, braised pork belly and fatty beef in sour chili broth. If you want to get into advanced territory, look no further than dishes like homestyle sea cucumber, pork kidney in chili sauce or pork intestine with blood cake.

Wyoming: Good Friends (Cheyenne)

Good Friends is a low-key, straight-ahead bearer of classic Chinese-American cuisine in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Portions are large, and regulars swear by the orange chicken, sweet and sour chicken, egg rolls, drunken noodles and Mongolian beef. If raw fish and other Japanese-style eats are what you crave, check out the best sushi restaurant in your state.

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