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The 25 Best Beach Bars in America

The beach (bar) is calling, and I must go

With thousands of miles of coastline, America is not lacking in beaches. And where there are beaches, cocktails can’t be far behind. Even though combining booze and the sun can be risky, there are few pleasures as symbolic of summertime as a cold drink in your hand and your feet in the sand.

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We’ve taken on the fortunate task of seeking out the most unique, memorable beach bars in America, from the highbrow to the quirky. Our search led us not only to the obvious warm weather locations of California, Hawaii, and Florida, but also to beaches bordering slightly chillier waters. We’ve rounded up a list with something for everyone: Whether you enjoy your cocktails with palm trees and reggae, or bald eagles and seagulls, we’ve got you covered. We invite you to sink your toes deep in the sand and pop open a cold one, as we take a tour of some of America’s best watering holes near the water.

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