15 Cocktails to Celebrate Spring Slideshow

Back and Forth

Says creator Katie Nelson, a bartender at the Columbia Room in Washington, D.C., "The Back and Forth is an example of a cocktail that started out with us having one thing in mind and, after tasting and tasting, became something entirely different. We began with the idea of doing a sparkling version of an El Presidente (rum, orange curaçao, vermouth, grenadine) but that didn't work for us, so we changed it. We arrived at a cocktail that is floral and lightly sweet with an herbaceous finish. The bubbles lift the aromatics and provide great acidity." Gin, honey, sparkling rosé, and a lavender wand for garnish? Sure sounds like spring in a glass.

Pisco Sour

Both Peru and Chile claim this classic cocktail as their country’s national drink. Regardless of whose side of the debate you fall on, it seems pretty clear that this bright, frothy drink belongs in your glass this spring.

Succo Felice

This sophisticated take on the classic Screwdriver, from New York City restaurant Betto, substitutes smoky mezcal for vodka and features a combination of orange, pineapple, and lemon juices.

The Garden Gibson

Arthur Bovino

This seasonal cocktail from New York City’s The Green Table features an oh-so-buzzy springtime ingredient: ramps. Making the most of the fleeting crop, the recipe calls for pickling the ramps — combining the pickling liquid with gin and dry vermouth, then finishing with one of the ramps as a garnish.

Ft. Knox

Maryse Chevriere

This spring-inspired bourbon cocktail from Brooklyn restaurant Five Leaves plays on the name’s Gold Rush theme by using gold-hued ingredients like lemon juice and maple syrup.

Winthrop Gimlet

Maryse Chevriere

A mix of Bison Grass vodka, lime juice, and simple syrup, muddled with cucumber and arugula — this is definitely a great, light drink best enjoyed sitting outdoor on a patio somewhere. Refreshing and tart with just a touch of earthiness and pepper from the muddled arugula, it’s one of those too-easy-to-drink-quickly cocktails.


For those looking to test their skills with a slightly more advanced garden-to-glass cocktail, consider this vibrant seasonal cocktail. The tart bite of the rhubarb is tempered by steeping it in a red beet-stained simple syrup enhanced with essences of ginger, galangal, and shiso.

Spicy Basil

Maryse Chevriere

Spicy Sriracha and fresh basil combine with floral St-Germain and a splash of champagne in this winning cocktail — a great choice for a breezy spring evening.

Rhubarb Collins

Tangy-sweet rhubarb simple syrup stars alongside aromatic gin and lime juice in this bright, fresh seasonal sipper.

Jalapeño Orangeade

Citrus tang gets a kick of jalapeño spice in this fresh, warm-weather-ready muddled cocktail.

Strawberry Caipirinha

Maryse Chevriere

This take on Brazil’s national drink uses macerated strawberries instead of combining the granulated sugar and berries together during the muddling process.

Spiked Sunrise Shake

Maryse Chevriere

What better way to usher in the warmer weather than by whipping up a batch of boozy shakes? Inspired by the classic Tequila Sunrise cocktail, this spiked shake combines tequila, orange liqueur, and both blood orange and coconut-flavored sorbets.

Apricot Julep

This spin on the quintessential Southern cocktail makes the most of in-season apricots, muddling them with bourbon and fresh spearmint to create a cool drink perfect for your next outdoor gathering.

Avocado Margarita

Celebrate avocado season with this unexpected application. The creamy avocado adds a nice textural element to the drink and the flavor is surprisingly subtle. Just remember that the key to this cocktail’s success is the salt rim — it’s what balances the combination and brings the drink together.

Red Spring Sangria

A festive warm-weather cocktail that is easy to make (and even better to drink) — it’s the obvious choice to prepare for your early spring get-togethers.