Tired of Kale? Here Are 15 Recipes That'll Change Your Mind

Has your kale obsession gone stale? Check out these recipes to refresh your love just in time for National Kale Day

Has your kale obsession gone stale? 

Kale can be difficult to eat if not prepared properly; when raw, the flavor is intensely earthy and slightly bitter, and texturally, the leaves are fibrous and tough. Nevertheless, the powerful nutritional properties have made this green famous — a superfood, even — and eaters everywhere chew through the pain in an effort to absorb the nutrients.

It's no surprise, then, that kale-eaters sometimes get tired of it! If kale doesn’t taste good, then eating it becomes a tiresome chore, and you get stuck cooking the same two recipes  in which kale is bearable but not much else.

Here are a few cooking tricks to make kale more approachable, so you can enjoy the green and keep your healthy meals delicious as well as interesting:

Step 1: Cut out the stem. Using your knife and run the tip along both sides of the hard stem, or rib; you’ll only want to eat the leaves.   

Step 2: Work it. If eating kale raw, you’ll want to crumple the leaves in your palm or massage salt or vinaigrette into the fibrous leaves to break down the stiff structure before eating — no need to be gentle either, it can take a beating. If using kale in a hot dish, like a soup or pasta, give the kale time to wilt in the heat; the flavor and texture will improve dramatically.

Step 3: Pair with stronger flavors. Kale packs some big, hearty flavor itself and does well in settings where foods can match its strength: Piquant dressings, cured meats, and stronger cheeses are all good ingredients that can stand up to kale and give the overall dish a boost.


In honor of National Kale Day October 4th, revamp your kale obsession and check out this collection of 15 crazy delicious kale recipes for inspiration.