Quick and Easy Spring Dinners Perfect for Busy Weeknights


Quick and Easy Spring Dinners Perfect for Busy Weeknights

Use in-season ingredients at peak freshness to cut down on cooking time during the week

Fresh vegetables, nutritious proteins, and juicy fruits make cooking quick and easy dinners a breeze during the spring. The tastier the produce is straight from the shelf, the less you have to do to it in the kitchen to produce a delicious meal, saving you time and energy.

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Cook with fresh peas, ramps, radishes, and more spring vegetables to enhance your springtime dishes. Simple pastas, chicken dinners, and seafood suppers can all be prepared in less than an hour’s time.

The best meals are often the simplest ones that highlight the flavors of fresh produce. This spring, embrace Mother Nature's bounty and cook quick and easy dinners using the best spring has to offer like omega-3 rich wild salmon for a simple sheet pan dinner, like our recipe for Mediterranean Salmon en Papillote. Looking for something better than takeout? Make a quick and easy homemade pizza ready in minutes using fresh spinach and juicy tomatoes.

For more inspiration to help you taste the best of spring all week long, check out our picks for healthy spring dinner recipes that are ready in snap making them perfect even busy on busy weeknights.

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