Avocado-Inspired Game-Day Snacks

Sneak some heart-healthy avocado into your favorite game-day snacks

Score big with these tasty, avocado-loaded snacks.

If you’re a football fan, then odds are good you look forward to game day all week. There’s nothing like throwing on a comfy, oversized team jersey, kicking your feet up, and watching the game with a few good snacks in hand; beefy chili topped with cheese and sour cream, spicy deep-fried chicken wings, and, of course, chips and guacamole. But, there comes a time every Sunday when someone dips their chip into the guacamole bowl and realizes that everyone’s favorite game-day dip is gone. Be ready for your next big sports gathering with these avocado-inspired snacks.

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There’s no denying that Americans love eating avocados on game day (it’s estimated that we eat as much as 79 million pounds of the superfruit on Super Bowl Sunday alone), but we rarely try making anything other than guacamole with them. Smashed avocado is rich and creamy, so it’s easy to add it to your favorite dips and spreads, and sliced or cubed avocado can add a smooth and subtly sweet element to spicy stew and chili. Avocado can even be breaded and deep-fried, making it a great substitute for French fries or potato chips.

One of the keys to working with avocados is knowing how to tell when they’re ripe. If you’re shopping more than two days in advance, you’ll want firm avocados with bright green skin (they’ll continue to soften over the course of a few days if you place them in a brown paper bag on your counter top). If you’re planning to use your avocados within one to two days, look for ones with a darker skin and that feel a bit softer. Perfectly ripe avocados will feel soft (but not mushy) when you apply gentle pressure. If you’re unsure, remove the stem; bright green indicates a good avocado and brown means the avocado is overly ripe.

If you and your fellow football fans love guacamole, huddle up and make a snack plan for your next game day. If everyone makes one of these delicious avocado-inspired recipes, you’re sure to have a winning spread.

Avocado-Chipotle Chicken Wings

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Even wings can benefit from a little bit of avocado; try adding creamy avocado to your homemade wing sauce before tossing freshly fried chicken wings in it.
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Pumpkin Seed Dip

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No one will believe how easy and delicious this healthy dip is; loaded with heart-healthy avocado and pumpkin seeds, plus super-nutritious kale, this dip is ready in just one step: combine everything in a food processor!
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This story was originally published November 25, 2014.