11 Microwave Short Cuts for Thanksgiving

These hacks will get you through your Turkey Day feast in a fraction of the time
Quick Hacks with Katie Cavuto

Katie Cavuto, a registered dietitian and chef, shows you simple ways to make cooking easier this holiday season.

11 Microwave Short Cuts for Thanksgiving


You can make sweet potatoes in the microwave in about seven minutes.

Holidays can be rough, but this year when you feel yourself running behind remember to turn to these Thanksgiving dinner hacks that will make holidays with the family run just a little bit smoother.

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We have assembled some of our best microwave hacks designed to get you through Thanksgiving meal prep in a fraction of the time. From appetizers to side dishes to dessert, we have small frustration-reducing shortcuts that work like a charm and require no special equipment — other than your life-saving microwave.

Don’t worry if you forgot to cook the corn, it can be ready in six minutes. If you left the bread at the supermarket, check out this simple trick for making quick bread in your microwave.

Trust us, these lazy cooks tools can accomplish everything from faux-frying to steaming vegetables in minutes instead of hours.

Check out our favorite microwave shortcuts carefully selected to help you get Thanksgiving dinner on the table quickly.

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