15 Slow-Cooker Breakfasts To Simplify Your Morning Routine

Imagine hitting snooze on your alarm for an extra 10 minutes, taking your sweet time in the shower, and having breakfast done without lifting a finger. You can live this streamlined reality if you start making slow-cooker breakfasts. Slow-cookers are your best friend when it comes to cooking an easy breakfast. So many recipes can be prepped the night before and simply popped into your slow-cooker upon awakening. What you do with your newfound morning time is totally up to you! Whether you are hosting brunch or simply making a weekday breakfast for the days ahead, a slow-cooker can certainly help you out and free up valuable time when you need it most.

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While you get your beauty rest, let your slow-cooker do the heavy lifting. Egg casseroles, maple oatmeal, hash browns, and grits are among the delightful breakfast foods that your slow-cooker can easily produce. Enjoy maple-syrup flavored steel-cut oats with cranberries first thing in the morning by combining water with oats, cranberries, maple syrup, and cinnamon in your slow-cooker the night before. Cook on low for six hours — it's that simple. Normally, we go for the convenience of instant oatmeal, but now you can enjoy healthy steel-cut oats more often.

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