14 Slow-Cooker Breakfasts to Simplify Your Morning Routine

14 Slow-Cooker Breakfasts to Simplify Your Morning Routine

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Wake up to delicious slow-cooker overnight porridge. 

Imagine hitting snooze on your alarm for an extra 10 minutes, taking your sweet time in the shower, and having breakfast done without lifting a finger. You can live this streamlined reality if you start making slow-cooker breakfasts. Slow cookers are your best friend when it comes to cooking an easy breakfast during the week. Start it right before you go to bed, and when you wake up, you’ll have a delicious breakfast for you and the kids to enjoy.

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While you get your beauty rest, let your slow cooker do the heavy lifting. Egg casseroles, maple oatmeal, hash browns, and grits are among the delightful breakfast foods that your slow cooker can easily produce. Enjoy maple-flavored steel-cut oats with cranberries first thing in the morning by combining water with oats, cranberries, maple syrup, and cinnamon in your slow cooker the night before. Cook on low for six hours — it’s that simple. Normally, we go for the convenience of instant oatmeal, but now you can enjoy healthy steel-cut oats more often.

The best part about a slow-cooker breakfast is all the eggs you can have. While scrambled eggs take about five minutes to whip up, you may not have that time to spare, so make slow-cooked eggs with delicious veggies for a hearty and healthy breakfast that won’t cut into your morning routine.

Want a few more slow-cooker breakfast ideas to streamline your morning? We have some to get you started:

Crock-Pot Egg and Broccoli Casserole

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A delicious and hearty casserole made with eggs, cheese, and broccoli.

For years, I've prepared this filling egg casserole, which is delicious for breakfast or brunch, in my slow cooker. It's an unusual recipe for this appliance but is welcomed wherever I serve it. Folks always go back for seconds. Janet Sliter

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PointsPlus Cranberry Maple Slow Cooker Oatmeal

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Slow cooker oatmeal with maple and cranberries.

Using a slow cooker to make steel-cut oats means you can sleep in without having to worry about starting breakfast. Be sure to use steel-cut oats for this recipe, as regular oatmeal will not hold up to this length of cooking. If you like your oatmeal very creamy, you can cook it up to eight hours. — Weight Watchers

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