Best Food News on the Web: 3/15/2013

Second servings of great food and drink stories from The Daily Meal that you may have missed this week

You missed them the first time, so grab a helping of these great stories on their second time around.

Sure, it's been a busy week. So you may have missed some of the great stories put out by The Daily Meal's talented editors and their fantastic special contributors. But you wouldn't want to head into the weekend having missed some of the best food stories on the Web. So here's a second serving of some of the great food and drink stories that you definitely shouldn't have missed.


Mario Batali Guest Edits Food & Wine's April Issue And probably won't start his own magazine, he tells us. 

Alcohol Might Give Your Brain an Extra Boost According to a new study, people who drink more can also use a backup source of energy for their brain: acetate.


French’s Launching 'Flavor Infuser' Marinades in April Individual-use containers will come in 4 flavors.

McDonald’s Rolling Out Egg White Delight McMuffin Nationwide April 22 Egg whites will be available on McMuffins and other breakfast sandwiches.


6 Washington, D.C.-Area Restaurants with Colorful Settings D.C., Virginia, and Maryland are hot spots for memorable dining.

Fritz’s Bakery: Philadelphia’s Best German Buns German sticky buns that will lure you north of the city.


How to Make the Perfect Potato Chip It’s not just as simple as frying — there’s a science behind it.

Cheez-Its Soup to Nuts with 6 Easy Recipes These crunchy Cheddar squares are for more than just snacking.


Clams in Black Bean Sauce Recipe The pungent saltiness of fermented black beans adds depth of flavor and color to this crowd-pleaser.

Gyeranjjim (Korean Steamed Eggs) Recipe An easy-to-make, custard-like steamed egg casserole.


10 Irish-Themed Parties Celebrate the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with a fun twist on Irish partying.

8 Party-Perfect Potato Chip Dishes In honor of National Potato Chip Day, we’re spotlighting a few chip-infused dishes that will win you over.


Low-Sodium Tips From Sodium Girl Jessica Goldman Foung talks about her new cookbook and how to kick the sodium habit without giving up good food.

How to Make Mini Chocolate Mousse Irish chef Clodagh McKenna shows us how to make her Mini Guinness recipe, a chocolate coffee mousse with whipped cream. 


Americans Now Drinking More Water Than Soda (Finally) A new report shows that water is quickly becoming the preferred drink of choice (once again).

6 Beer Alternatives to Guinness on St. Patrick's Day It's all about an easy-drinking, sessionable beer for St. Patrick's Day.



Ingredients Inc. brings us a recipe for, "Chicken Caprese" because "Spring is in the Air."

The Grassroots Gourmet whips up "More than Corned Beef and Cabbage."


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