Molly Aronica, Restaurant Editor from The Best Dishes We Ate in 2011 Slideshow

The Best Dishes We Ate in 2011 Slideshow

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Molly Aronica, Restaurant Editor

I'd have to say the best dish I ate this year is a toss-up between two sandwiches and a hot dog. The first is a signature dish of the famed Le Comptoir in Paris, their croque monsieur. Available with either the classic French ham or smoked salmon and caviar, this sandwich oozes with expertly melted cheese and the ideal ratio of fillings to buttery bread. The second is a Shake Shack hot dog (arguably one of the best in New York City), topped with cheese sauce and sport peppers (pictured) — an "off the menu" item. Last, but not least, is the lobster roll from Pearl Oyster Bar in New York City — a true model of sandwich perfection. 

Next year I'm looking forward to indulging in a meal at Del Posto, mainly to sink my fork into chef Mark Ladner's 100-layer lasagna.