Applebee's Spring Drink Menu Has Officially Arrived

Anyone who has spent even a brief moment on one of America's roadways has undoubtedly passed by an Applebee's franchise. The chain is almost as ubiquitous as the Golden Arches; more than 90% of the country is familiar with Applebee's. In fact, it was the most popular chain restaurant in eight states during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the possible reasons that Applebee's has risen to such heights in the restaurant sphere is its excellent deals. Currently, customers can enjoy two entrees and an appetizer for $24. But those in the know understand that the best deals at Applebee's can be found at the bar. In March of 2018, Applebee's sold $2 Absolut vodka lemonades. And $2 Captain Morgan and cola cocktails flowed for all of January 2019. 

Before you think that the COVID-19 pandemic's popularity discouraged Applebee's from fan-favorite drink deals, the chain just brought back the St. Patrick's Day themed "Saintly Sips." As spring gets started, Applebee's is once again tickling fans' taste buds with a pair of drinks: the Tipsy Shark and the Strawberry Daq-a-Rita.

Applebee's new spring drinks

According to an April 3 Applebee's press release, the chain has introduced its $6 Cerveza & Sips deal. The limited-time offer, designed to celebrate the kickoff of spring, consists of three $6 drinks.

If all you want after the harsh winter weather has faded is a cold beer on a warm day, you can have a refreshing glass of Modelo. However, for those who want to make your trip to Applebee's feel like a tropical getaway, they can try one of the titular sips of the $6 special. Fans can order the Tipsy Shark, a fruity blue Curaçao and tequila-based cocktail topped with a menacing gummy shark. There's also the frozen Strawberry Daq-a-Rita, a refreshing combination of two classic cocktails.

At certain Applebee's locations, customers can even grab the drink in a takeout order and sip on spring in the comfort of your backyard.