Applebee's Is Selling Captain Morgan And Cola Cocktails For $2 All Month

Yo ho, scallywags! Applebee's just set sail across the seven seas with its latest drink of the month promotion, and the booze inside is actually pretty decent considering the inexpensive price tag. It's called Captain and Cola and — while this probably goes without saying, considering we've all enjoyed this many times over in college and beyond — it's made with Captain Morgan spiced rum and Pepsi.

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Usually, middle-shelf liquor is pricier than no-name brands (duh), so we wouldn't quite call them cheap. For the entire month of January, Applebee's is selling this classic concoction for just $2. That's eight quarters for a Captain Morgan drink! (Plus a tip for your bartender, of course.) What a steal. Boozers will appreciate the bargain, considering many spent an arm and a peg leg on booty over the holiday season.

For a limited time only, the family-friendly restaurant chain is also bringing back all-you-can-eat riblets and chicken tenders, plus a new endless fried shrimp option for just $14.99. Each plate comes with coleslaw and unlimited french fries. Also! Apparently you can mix and match, which means if you want shrimp, then chicken, then riblets — go nuts! Food is love, food is life. Get more bang for your buck at Applebee's and beyond with the best all-you-can-eat deal in your state.