The Most Popular Chain Restaurant In Every State During Coronavirus

Although coronavirus has changed a lot about how Americans eat, people are still ordering food from their favorite restaurants. While the industry has taken a major financial blow, fast food is still a favorite with Sonic Drive-In as the No. 1 choice thanks to its 1950s-style carhop business model. What about those non-fast food chains?

Marketing insight company Top Data analyzed publicly available cell phone location data to determine which restaurants were performing the best from mid-March onward during the coronavirus pandemic. Alaska and Hawaii were omitted due to a lack of sufficient data. Here's the top choice in your state.

Alabama: Olive Garden

Olive Garden is Alabama's favorite chain restaurant. And if you're obsessed with the salad, here's how to make it at home.

Arizona: Texas Roadhouse

If you haven't mastered how to cook a steak perfectly every time, you could just get one at Texas Roadhouse, Arizona's favorite chain.

Arkansas: Olive Garden

Arkansas loves Olive Garden, purveyor of the famous never-ending pasta pass.

California: Olive Garden

Everyone is making their own bread these days, but nothing compares to the breadsticks at Olive Garden, California's favorite chain.

Colorado: Texas Roadhouse

The snowy state of Colorado subscribes to Texas Roadhouse as its favorite chain.

Connecticut: Texas Roadhouse

Connecticut loves the New York Jets. It also loves Texas Roadhouse.

Delaware: Texas Roadhouse

Delaware, which just happens to be the best state to work from home, is keen on Texas Roadhouse.

Florida: Outback Steakhouse

No wonder Florida likes Outback Steakhouse so much. It's one of the best casual steakhouse chains in America.

Georgia: LongHorn Steakhouse

Georgia is home to some of the most chilling abandoned places in America, but the state's favorite chain restaurant, LongHorn Steakhouse, is alive and well.

Idaho: Applebee’s

Idaho's favorite football team is the Seattle Seahawks, and its preferred chain restaurant is Applebee's.

Illinois: Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is Illinois' most popular chain restaurant, and the state's ice cream of choice is blue moon.

Indiana: Olive Garden

Indiana, AKA the Hoosier State, adores Olive Garden.

Iowa: Texas Roadhouse

Iowa loves sour cream raisin pie and Texas Roadhouse.

Kansas: Olive Garden

Olive Garden may sound like a botanical oasis in Italy, but it is simply Kansas' favorite chain restaurant.

Kentucky: Texas Roadhouse

When Kentuckians aren't taking advantage of some of the best fried chicken this world has to offer, they might be at their favorite chain, Texas Roadhouse.

Louisiana: Olive Garden

Louisiana takes special interest in labrador retrievers and thinks Olive Garden is doggone good.

Maine: Texas Roadhouse

Maine has an affinity for supreme seafood and Texas Roadhouse.

Maryland: Texas Roadhouse

Maryland, which has some of the weirdest laws in America, enjoys Texas Roadhouse.

Massachusetts: Chili’s

Chili's is Massachusetts' favorite chain restaurant. Maybe because it's red?

Michigan: Texas Roadhouse

Did you know that Lake Michigan has its own Bermuda Triangle? Anyway, this state likes Texas Roadhouse.

Minnesota: Applebee’s

This state goes Minnesota Wild for Applebee's.

Mississippi: Waffle House

Mississippi is elated by iconic breakfast foods from Waffle House.

Missouri: Olive Garden

Post Malone owns the rights to the former slogan at Olive Garden, Missouri's favorite chain.

Montana: Applebee’s

The top natural wonder in Montana is Gates of the Mountains, and some might say the top unnatural wonder is Applebee's.

Nebraska: Olive Garden

Nebraska loves tomatoes and Olive Garden.

Nevada: Applebee’s

Nevada has out-of-this-world landscapes and citizens who adore Applebee's.

New Hampshire: Chili’s

New Hampshire has a fondness for Chili's. No, not the really hot stuff.

New Jersey: Applebee’s

While you're at the coolest old-school boardwalk, the people of New Jersey are at Applebee's.

New Mexico: Chili’s

New Mexico's favorite chain restaurant has one of the catchiest jingles of all time: "I want my baby back, baby back, baby back. I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ... Chili's Baby Back Ribs, Chili's Baby Back Ribs — Barbecue Sauce."

New York: Applebee’s

New York has some of the best apple orchards in America, and its favorite chain restaurant is Applebee's.

North Carolina: LongHorn Steakhouse

North Carolina's favorite chain restaurant is LongHorn Steakhouse, and its chef has some steakhouse secrets only the experts know.

North Dakota: Olive Garden

North Dakota, one of the happiest states in America, is all-in for Olive Garden.

Ohio: Texas Roadhouse

Ohio goes buckwild for dirt pie and Texas Roadhouse.

Oklahoma: Chili’s

For a roadside attraction you need to see to believe, head to The Blue Whale in Oklahoma. For a meal from the state's favorite chain, head to Chili's.

Oregon: Applebee’s

Oregon's favorite vegetable? It's broccoli, which you can definitely find on the menu at the most popular chain in this state: Applebee's.

Pennsylvania: Texas Roadhouse

The city of Philly is an underrated tourist destination, but local Pennsylvanians have their eyes on Texas Roadhouse.

Rhode Island: Applebee’s

There are plenty of underrated gems in Rhode Island, and some may agree that Applebee's is among them.

South Carolina: Chili’s

When the people of South Carolina want a top-notch sandwich, they go to Tattooed Moose. When they want a meal from a chain restaurant, they go to Chili's.

South Dakota: Denny’s

South Dakota, one of the best places to retire, has a soft spot for Denny's.

Tennessee: Olive Garden

When Tennesseeans want a nice American-Italian meal of soup, salad, breadsticks and unlimited pasta, they go to Olive Garden.

Texas: Olive Garden

The official state food of Texas is chili, and the state's favorite chain restaurant is Olive Garden.

Utah: Denny’s

Utah, which consumes the most Jell-O per capita in the country, is sweet on Denny's.

Vermont: Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is the most popular chain restaurant in the affordable ski vacation destination of Vermont.

Virginia: Texas Roadhouse

Virginia has a high percentage of six-figure households and citizens who love Texas Roadhouse.

Washington: Chili’s

The family-friendly state of Washington cherishes Chili's.

West Virginia: Olive Garden

In West Virginia, one of the easiest places to social distance, people are huge fans of Olive Garden.

Wisconsin: Texas Roadhouse

The one dish tourists need to try in Wisconsin? Fried cheese curds. Locals can go back to their local programming at Texas Roadhouse.

Wyoming: Denny’s

Wyoming loves Denny's. The diner-style breakfast joint, which was originally called Danny's Donuts, came to be in 1953. Standing the test of time is certainly something to brag about, but all chains aside, these mom-and-pop spots are the greatest old-school restaurants in America.

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