American Towns That Look Like Europe

These American Small Towns Feel Just Like Europe

There’s no need to travel overseas when you have these 15 charming locales

Travelling to Europe isn’t for everyone. Maybe you’re afraid of flying over the ocean, maybe travelling overseas is cost prohibitive to you, or maybe you’re just perfectly happy to explore all that the good ol’ U S of A has to offer. Luckily, for those who want a taste of Europe but aren’t able to make that trek, there are plenty of charming American towns that have distinctively European vibes.

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If you want to eat some amazing Greek food and sit by the water, there’s no need to go to Mykonos, just head on down to Tarpon Springs, Florida. Why spend buckets of cash to go to Germany when you can have authentic Bavarian experiences in Frankenmuth, Michigan, or Fredericksburg, Texas. Whether you’re looking for a city inspired by France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, or Spain, there’s a town in America that has that distinctive charming feeling and look.

So don’t worry about renewing that passport or prepping for a 10-hour flight. Simply pack your bags and get ready to explore these 15 small American towns feel just like Europe.