13 Awesome Ice Cream Sundaes

When you’re traveling with the family this summer, make a pit stop to try one of these sundaes, or if you’re not hitting the road, make them at your next bash
Salt & Straw

Salt & Straw

Behold, The Krispy Kremier.

Salt & Straw

We hate to say it, but it’s become harder and harder to impress guests in recent years due to the huge surge of DIY and hosting tips available through sites like Pinterest. Entertaining has become a trend and, don't get us wrong, we’re all about it, but this summer we’re going to make an entertaining statement and it all starts with ice cream.

Click Through Our Slideshow to See the Most Awesome Ice Cream Sundaes Out There!

Yes, you read right — we’re going to wow you with some gorgeous, drool-worthy, going-to-create-a-mess-but-its-so-worth-it sundaes from some stellar parlors and shops across the country. Whether they’re signature sundaes or creations built with a little help from customers, these sundaes are definitely more than OK in our mouths — er — books.

Our list features everything from triple-chocolate-scoop concoctions of decadence to creations inspired by a certain former Knicks power player, but we’re keeping our lips sealed so you can take a look at them firsthand!

For more on summer's favorite treat, ice cream, check out our go-to guide! 

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