Are S'mores Just A Summer Dessert?

Is there any time of year when a gooey, fire-kissed, s'more doesn't seem appealing? Possibly... but we like to throw out that idea with rules like "don't wear white past Labor day" or " wait 30 minutes after eating before swimming." So is it fair to label this childhood favorite as a "summer" treat, or should s'mores live among timeless sweet flavor pairings like chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, and cheesecake?

We completely understand the allure of a crackling summer campfire and finding your own stick to roast that perfectly golden 'mallow, but we have to declare that these shouldn't be the only parameters for enjoying s'mores. In fact, there shouldn't be any restrictions on when and where it's acceptable to eat this dessert. Heck, even a baked s'mores cookie is satisfying.

With s'mores-themed desserts sweeping across the nation, it appears that we're not the only fans who appreciate this classic combination of chocolate, toasted marshmallow, and graham crackers all year long.

International baking icon Dominique Ansel serves up his innovative Frozen S'mores in Los Angles, New York, London, and Tokyo. American restaurant chain Pizza Hut currently sells a Hershey's Toasted S'mores Cookie, available for limited time only. Even the hipster Williamsburg restaurant Sunday In Brooklyn regularly features dairy-free s'mores-flavored soft serve on its menu.

When the craving for this campfire indulgence hits, however, desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures... and we don't judge. To those innovators who have used an oven (or microwave) to recreate the confection, we salute you. If that's not your thing though, be sure check out these other 10 classic American desserts.

David Kaplan is the recipe editor at The Daily Meal. He's loves all things delicious, from fancy omakase to hot sauce-covered cold pizza. Follow what he eats on Instagram.