These Boozy Ice Pops Are Perfect for Summer

You can find Pimm’s pops at, Selfridges Food Hall, and Darwin & Wallace bars

Ice pops (alcoholic or not) are a great way to beat the heat.

Ice pops are the ultimate summer treat — they’re refreshing and can come in all sorts of fun and fruity flavors. The U.K.-based company Pops — whose prosecco ice pops we reported on earlier this year — has added another kick to the frozen treat with more alcohol-infused flavors to enjoy poolside (responsibly) all summer long.

One of the recent additions to Pops’ booze-flavored lineup is a collaboration with Pimm’s No. 1, a gin-based liqueur. The Pimm’s pop features Pimm’s No. 1, lemonade, strawberry, cucumber, and mint. Each pop contains 4.3 percent ABV and 32 calories.

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The company also has other boozy pops including watermelon martini, Bellini, and frosé.

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Pops also has alcohol-free options, including strawberry and mint and apple and elderflower flavors.

Unfortunately, these pops are only currently only available in the U.K., but they could serve as great inspiration for your own DIY booze pops.


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