When Is Easter 2019?

Every spring, the same question pops in the mind of all who celebrate: When is Easter this year? Yes, Easter is an elusive holiday. Unlike Christmas, which is always on December 25, this Christian celebration changes its date every single year. And, inevitably, that leaves parents clamoring at the last minute to buy the best Easter candy and lovers of dyed eggs checking to make sure they know how to cook hardboiled eggs perfectly. But scramble no more!

From Ham to Lamb: 21 Easy Easter Recipes Anyone Can Master

Easter always falls on a Sunday, but the date changes because the forefathers of Christanity wanted it to be in line the Jewish holiday, Passover. Since Passover is celebrated according to lunar cycles, Easter has a different date each year.

For 2019, Easter falls on Sunday, April 21.

That's a pretty late time for Easter, which can fall anytime from late March to late April. But a later date for Easter gives you more time to learn how to decorate the most stunning Easter eggs and then plan an Easter egg hunt for children of all ages. A later Easter date also allows hosts and those who love spring to gather up springtime produce and make scrumptious Easter dinner dishes. Or, you know, you can stick to Easter food traditions from around the world that families have known and loved for generations.

And no matter when Easter is, lovers of this holiday always know how to build a great Easter basket. Whether you buy up Reese's eggs, Cadbury eggs and jelly beans or make homemade candies, there's no wrong way to go about building a basket full of candy for your kids or loved ones!  In fact, you can even surprise your family and fill their Easter baskets with candies from their childhood you didn't know still exist!