A Step-By-Step Guide To The Tastiest Taco Party Ever

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Tastiest Taco Party Ever

Cinco de Mayo is almost here, which means it's almost time to spend an entire day gorging on guacamole, tacos, and multiple margaritas. But we don't think that anyone should restrict the time spent feasting on tacos to this one Mexican-focused day a year: This year we plan on spending the majority of the summer hosting taco parties, turning our kitchen and backyard into the ultimate accommodating taqueria, by following this guide.

Multiple Margaritas

Get the taco party started with a selection of salty margaritas. Tacos and margaritas are the recipe for the best-ever fiesta, so don't miss out on an excuse to sip on a few of your favorite tequila-based cocktails.

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Serve Family-Style

Save yourself a lot of time and stress, and serve your tacos as a DIY buffet. This halves the work for you, as you don't have to do any plating or serving, and it makes it much more fun for your guests who can create their favorite taco flavors, and mix and match whichever combinations of meats, salsas, and toppings that they fancy.

Grilled Corn and Poblano Tacos

Always include a vegetarian option at your party, just in case a non-meat-eater turns up. This corn and poblano recipe is so tasty that it will be just as popular with the carnivores as it will be with the vegetarians. To make it vegan, just omit the cotija.

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Salmon Avocado Tacos

Don't do what so many taco party hosts before you have done and serve up multiple heavy meat options: Fish can be as tasty a taco filling as any slow-cooked meat. This recipe simply requires you to grill salmon, mash an avocado, and top it with crunchy, raw vegetables.

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Skirt Steak and Summer Squash Tacos

Rather than having to be super organized and working days in advance of your party, slow-cooking beef or pork, refrigerating it, reheating it, and shredding it, serve up these rich steak tacos instead. Just turn on that grill, and in 10 minutes time, the perfectly charred steak will be ready to top that tortilla.

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Warm Tortillas

There's nothing less appetizing than a cold, soggy tortilla. Don't be a victim to this taco mistake by warming the tortillas thoroughly ahead of time, and immediately wrapping them in aluminum foil so that they keep warm while you assemble everything else you need for your party.

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Spicy Salsas

On top of those meat, fish, and vegetable taco fillings, you're going to want to add some spicy salsas. Offer a few options to your guests, with a good range of spice levels so that everyone is accommodated for.

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Simple Sides

Make sure you set out some simple sides for people to eat alongside their tacos, or maybe even tucked inside them if they're being bold: A bowl of steaming rice, black beans topped with cotija, and a crunchy citrus slaw are all great options.

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Tasty Toppings

You can't build the ultimate taco without the tastiest toppings. Guacamole is of course absolutely essential, as is queso fresco, and juicy lime wedges. If you want to serve up a generous spread, you could also put out bowls of pickled red onion, sliced radish, and chopped scallions.

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Tres Leches Cake

Even taco parties need to end with a sweet treat. There could be no more authentic Mexican dessert than a tres leches cake. This exceedingly sweet sponge cake is sure to put everyone in the most wonderful food coma, which is exactly how every taco party should end.

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