12 Sexy Dishes for a Date Night In

Rustle up these dishes this Valentine’s Day for a romantic date night in
White Fish


 Impress your date with your culinary skills on your next date night.

If you’ve chosen to avoid the crowds of lovebirds taking up tables for two at the most romantic restaurants in town this weekend, we think you’ve made a wise decision.

12 Sexy Dishes for a Date Night In (Slideshow)

Rather than paying for an over-priced, fancy set menu in a restaurant filled with roses, proposals, and crazily expensive Champagne, you’re doing the right thing by choosing to stay home and impress your date with your own cooking skills.

This selection of recipes includes something for everyone, whether you want to show off your culinary prowess with some fancy shrimp pasta, or are clueless about cooking and would rather simply grill a couple of steaks. If you don’t want to take full responsibility for what goes on in the kitchen, you and your date should set about on a cooking adventure together and try something new, like rolling sushi or making pizza from scratch.

The essential part in preparing for the evening is to make sure you have enough wine at the ready and enough appetizers on hand, just in case everything goes wrong.


Don’t forget to light some candles, put on a romantic playlist, and decorate the table with flowers to get things off to a good start. From then on, with a cocktail in hand, and the promising wafts of a delicious dinner coming from the kitchen, you’re all set for the perfect date night in.