runny nose

Avoid These Foods With a Runny Nose

The snacks to avoid when you have the sniffles
runny nose

Eating one of these foods is going to make the problem so much worse.

Sometimes, a box of soft tissues isn’t enough to wage war against stubborn and clogged sinuses. During cold and flu season, one of these pesky symptoms is a chronic runny nose. It can happen when you’re actually sick — and hopefully staying home from work — or just when you’re experiencing annoying allergies. No matter why it’s happening, you know one thing for sure: You want your nose to clear up now.

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You’re tired of loudly blowing your nose and you’re tired of washing your hands every time you do. You want to stop turning heads when you wipe your nose on your sleeve and just go back to not feeling gross for once. You might know that some foods can help stave off any future infection — and some can help you at least feel better during your obnoxious bout with germs.


However, not all nourishing, nutritious foods are a good idea to snack on when you’re sick. There are foods that can help your body to produce more mucus, worsening the problem. Others are inflammatory and can make your clogged breathing even more congested. If you have a runny nose this winter, consider cutting these foods from your diet — they could make your congestion worse.