11 Juice Recipes That Will Chase Your Cold Away

These juices are packed full of vitamins and minerals that just might help defeat those sniffles

Photo Modified: Flickr / William Brawley CC BY 4.0

Look to foods high in vitamin C when you feel sick.

Feeling under the weather? Reaching for a bottle of Dayquil? Hold it right there — we have something you should hear first.

Nature provides you with many powerful tools that may help you get rid of those sniffles. From the vitamin C in fruits that helps you form collagen and absorb iron to the phytochemicals in certain leafy greens, there are many plant-based foods that you should consider the next time you feel a little fluey.

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We can’t say that any food will cure illness — that would be far too bold of a claim. But we can advocate for the beneficial properties of foods like kale, avocado, and ginger. One of the easiest and most trendy ways to combine all of these health-promoting foods is to blend them into a smoothie or to grab your juicer and get juicing.

Our friends over at Evolution Fresh are juggernauts in the juicing industry. We asked them to share some of their favorite juice-based recipes that incorporate foods that we feel just might help you to cure your cold. Click ahead to see the recipes Evolution Fresh came up with.