banana milk

Banana Milk Exists and We’re Obsessed

It’s got the cutest monkey cartoon on the jug
banana milk

Each cup is only 60 calories, so we're pretty jazzed.

We’re not monkeying around — this milk is our new favorite healthy, tasty alternative to dairy milk. Almond milk might have some competition on the horizon, because this company, Mooala, took a dense, sugary fruit and transformed it into a low-sugar, vegan, and nutritious product. Consider us impressed.

A common concern for almond and other dairy-free milk drinkers is the added sugar involved in making the drinks palatable — we’re not sure if you’ve ever tried completely unsweetened nut milk, but it doesn’t taste anything like the creamy, dairy-filled original. But the sweetened varieties are, well… sweetened. And with cereals having more sugar than some pieces of candy, the last thing parents want is even more added sugar in their kids’ breakfast bowls.

To try and remedy the issue, brands have begun to get crafty with eliminating the sugar in the vegan beverages — but they’ve run into the same difficulty time and time again. You just can’t make milk without sugar. Even cow’s milk has sugar in it — but the difference is that the cow’s milk sugar is the natural kind, which nutritionists say is 100 percent okay to eat regularly. Almond milk’s added sugar? Not so much.

Banana milk is an innovative solution to the added sugar problem. Every cup of the banana milk contains just 3 grams of sugar — and it’s all coming from bananas. Every cup has a third of a banana blended inside. So all the sweetness of this product is natural and plant-based.

The milk is allergy-friendly since it’s made without any tree nuts or common allergens. The ingredients are minimal, consisting solely of bananas, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, salt, water, and gellan gum. The gellan gum is “a natural binder that holds all of the ingredients together,” according to a company representative.


We haven’t tried the product yet for ourselves, but it seems promising. Plus, we bet the banana milk would make a delightful addition to any super-sweet and healthy smoothie.