15 Items in Your Home You Never Clean (But Really Should)

You won’t believe you haven't dealt with these obvious sources of gross bacteria

Add these places and areas to your usual cleaning rotation.

The kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are the three rooms we want to be the safest — but if you’re not cleaning their surfaces the right way, they could be teeming with harmful bacteria and mold.

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Most people have a weekly rotation for typical household cleaning. You probably remember to vacuum, run your dishwasher, and wipe down your kitchen counter on the regular. But caught up in your typical routine, there are a few areas of your home that tend to get neglected.

Some of these among are the most dangerous places to leave untouched. Your coffee maker, for instance, gets used every morning. If it’s been growing colonies of mold, you’re endangering yourself and your family every time you pour your morning brew.

Recent studies have found that many places and things around your house are way grosser than you think. Your kitchen, in particular, is home to viruses, bacteria, and other spreading dangers; you’re most likely preparing and eating your food in a danger zone.

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We’ve found the grossest, dirtiest corners of your home that you've probably forgotten about, and reminding you: You should really be cleaning these 15 places and things.