How to Eat Healthy on the Cheap

These simple tips and tricks will help you save money and get healthy at the same time

Grocery tips, healthy hacks, and more to keep you healthy and saving money all the while.

The standards for eating healthy keep getting higher and higher.

“The One Superfood You Need in Your Healthy Diet!”
“Buy This New Vegan Protein Bar to Lose Weight!”
“These Exotic Plants Go Perfectly With Salmon in This Crunchy Salad!”

Advertisements and “health tips" like these can make healthy eating seem further and further out of reach. When you’re trying to make ends meet on a limited budget, you don’t have the time or energy to try to make those complicated and expensive health habits work.

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But the truth is, healthy eating is not that hard — and not that expensive. Sure, making your own nut milk and pounding the dough of homemade protein bars is labor-intensive and expensive. When it comes down to it, though, you don’t need to do those things, or splurge on crazy health food items, to stay healthy.


In reality, it doesn’t take much to stay healthy without breaking the bank. These 15 lifestyle swaps are so easy you won’t even notice you’re doing them, and they’ll feel natural in no time. The only thing that will feel different — other than your health — is your loaded bank account.